She tattooed her eyes, remained blind for three weeks and does not regret: “I cried blue tears.”

Social networks make intimate life known for every person in the world. There are those who are tighter and others, like this model’s case on Instagram, who push the boundaries of who is most vulnerable. Amber Luke27 years old, from BrisbaneAnd the Australia, he decided to show in his profile an infinite number of tattoos covering his body, especially the entire contour of his face. According to his account, Her body is made up of 98% of these drawings that will accompany her for life. There is a certain tattoo that hurts him but, nevertheless, does not regret it.

Inside the world of tattoos, amber Try to go a little further and risk staining his eyeballs, in The intervention that left her blind for three weeks، Completely incapable of being an independent person. The meandering procedure made me endure four syringe injections in each eyeball.”

The face of the Australian model after getting a tattoo on her eyeballs Photo: @amberluke666

I can’t even begin to describe what the feeling was, the best I can give you is that as soon as the ink pierced my eyeball, I felt like (the tattoo artist) grabbed ten shards of glass and rubbed them in my eyes. It happened four times per eye, it was so brutalAdded to give more details about the procedure to the media Barcroft TV.

However, far from being a forgotten memory, she commemorated this fact a few months later by drawing a tattoo of a crying woman of this color on her chest and adding another version to her body full of drawings.

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Her history with tattoos began at a very young age. At the age of 16, he decided to face the needle to understand what an indelible mark was on his body. From that moment on, he felt a different sense from others and understood that this was his way. When consulted by a local media outlet in her country, amber She stated that this first step was a “release of negative energy” and added, “I felt as if I had gone through something very joyful and at the same time I was very calm. For me it is my pride and joy, it’s amazing“.

Amber has 600 tattoos all over her body Photo: @amberluke666
Amber has 600 tattoos all over her body Photo: @amberluke666

On the other hand, the Australian found a corner in her social life to become a well-known personality on social networks. on your Instagram accountwhere he has 27 thousand followers, contains a feed Where, in general, his bare torso is noted and in his character, most 600 tattoos he has to his credit.

Also, as part of a saucy topic, admit it Spend 70 thousand dollars In breast implants, fillers for the cheeks and lips, tapered implants in her ears and buttocks lift with cells of Brazilian origin. “I don’t care what you say about me, about my image and life choices, because at the end of the day, it’s my life,” he asserted in one of his posts.

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