She is a 102-year-old physician who reveals her secrets to being healthy and happy at any age

to secure a Long and happy life One should always rely on “live medicine”, according to the testimony of a still 102-year-old woman He works as a doctor He says he feels better than ever. Having gained a great deal of professional and personal experience, now It provides advice on how to lead a healthy life at any age. His recommendations range from relationships with others to moments of introspection.

through his book I Lived Well: A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at All AgesAnd Author Gladys McGarry, internationally recognized as the mother of holistic medicine, Make a list of the aspects that have kept you in good shape throughout your life. As a co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, McGarry has found new ways to interpret her reality.

The doctor considered that you can be happy at any agestock struggle

With his advice, McGarry’s goal is to show people that You can be happy applying what he calls the “medicine of life.” Over the past 60 years, McGarry has pioneered “a new way of thinking about illness and health, one that has changed the way we imagine health care and self-care,” he says in his book. His method is to see disease and pain as teachers: “By understanding what diseases are trying to tell us, we can find the best way to treat them.”

In his case, he credits his longevity and fullness to learning how to channel his problems through his own formula. next to, For her it is important to always have a goal in life, like he said CNBC.

On the other hand, it is considered that relations They also play an essential role and “you always have to surround yourself with people who ‘really help. If this happens to you, start looking for light. It’s always there.”

The expert considered that happiness lies in the treatment of “live medicine”.unsplash

There are six keys that McGarry urges adopting as a philosophy of life:

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