She broke up with her husband “Sugar Mama” and confesses on TikTok: “I pay a thousand dollars a week to go out with me”

A woman confesses on social networks and tells How has her life changed since she was a “sugar mama”?. What does this practice consist of? Date younger guys and pay them to have fun.

I pay my boyfriend a thousand dollars a week to go out with me.says Cara, 35, on her account tik tok.

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This is said by Tic Tucker, who was born in California, USA Since her separation from her husband, she decided to turn 180 degrees in the course of his love life. So she started dating guys who she pays for their interest in her.

How did you become a Sugar Mama

On her TikTok account, Kara Miller gives details of this lifestyle that started four years ago and which, according to her, gave her the happiness she had been longing for.

The woman said she initially had an affair that lasted a little over 12 months but that it wasn’t what she expected: “He didn’t treat me the way I wanted and saw other women, which no sugar mom would allow like me.”.

After ending that relationship, she decided to explore dating sites and thus met Danielle, with whom they had been in a relationship for three years.

How to provide mother sugar

Kara has five very well-earned jobs that allow her to support her partner and occasional lovers. “I work as a psychologist, I am about to finish my PhD, I also work in social networks as a consultant and I am a photographer.”

She takes pride in her networks in the company of many young people and regularly publishes videos in which she advises her followers about the secrets of the world of sugar.

“I decided to be Sugar’s mom, after my divorce, because I’m tired of being a traditional friend or wife And I wanted to try something new. I feel so much better, it helps you build your character. For a young man to care about someone is the best feeling there can be“.

In addition, he says, “I like to take care of the person I’m with. All my relationships have been based on taking care of the person I’m with, and that only makes me happy. I like to see the other happy, if I see him happy I’m happy.”

How much do you pay as a Sugar Mama?

In one of her videos posted on TikTok, Cara tells how much she pays to men who go out with her and especially her steady boyfriend. “Between $500 and $1,000 a week. I also give them monthly bonuses of between 3,000 and 5,000. It’s something I love.”

In another post of hers, the woman said that the moment she enjoys the most is when she hands over the money: “What I love most about being a sugar mom is definitely when I pay the boy”.

Kara checks that her sugar kids use the money for what they need, (Photo: TikTokOfficialSugarmamaKara)
Kara checks that her sugar kids use the money for what they need, (Photo: TikTokOfficialSugarmamaKara)

“When I pay my sugar kid her weekly allowance, I love to see her eyes light up at the sight of money. It’s like the most amazing feeling in the world. Knowing that ‘Hey, I did it,’ I was able to make his day.”

He uses the money for his financial security, or to help pay rent or buy a car, whatever he needs. I double checked that he is using money for what he tells me.

Cara said that Sugar Moms are “very loyal women” and that they “will not let you down.”

“I advise you to look for older women, because they played this game and got tired of it.” What does it take to seduce her? “Be fun, be safe. Wear stylish clothes and be honest with her.”

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