Sharpen Your Eyes to Find ‘SCORPION’ in Alphabet Soup in Just 8 Seconds – Teach Me About Science

Not all people have the same visual and mental abilities, which is why they must be trained and developed in an effective manner. If you are looking to influence your neurons and strengthen their connections, you will have to take on the next visual challenge that enhances these abilities.

With this visual and mental game you will be able to improve some abilities such as attention, perception, thinking, memory and coordination, to mention some of the most vital cognitive abilities of man.

Look carefully at the following image created by Gorgeous Guruit shows a Alphabet soup The middle level, between the rows and columns of the illustration, is hidden a word that you have to locate at a specific time.

Are you ready to conquer the visual challenge of the moment?

Search the word “SCORPION” in less than 8 seconds.

Start searching!

picture: Gorgeous Guru

Strange facts about scorpions or scorpions

  • They are not insects, they are spiders.
  • According to various fossils, it has existed for 400 million years, that is, it is older than dinosaurs.
  • Scorpions and scorpions are from the same animal.
  • They are able to control the metabolism by slowing it down in order to consume less oxygen and survive with feeding only once a year.
  • There are more than 2,500 living species in the world.
  • The Leiurus quinquestriatus It is the deadliest of all, even if it is a poison in very low doses.

correct answer

picture; Gorgeous Guru

It is necessary to keep your brain active and thus strengthen your neurons because they are responsible for receiving, processing and transmitting the information you perceive through the senses.

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This is possible with the help of various puzzles or visual games, if you want to become the best, you will have to perform your best to strengthen your mind.

Share knowledge, share knowledge.

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