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The world of viral memes Internet It’s amazing, but sometimes it gets a little weird. That’s what happened in 2019 when Shaggy Ultra Instinct was born, a combination of the classic character from “Scooby-Doo” with Goku from “Dragon Ball Super”, which reached a new level of power and attracted fans around the world. His dream of seeing this character is sacred.

The premise of the meme was simple: apparently, shaggy He had been hiding a hidden power all this time and decided to release him by ultra instinct. This was the hit of this viral internet meme as many started naming its creator Mortal Kombat, Ed Boone, who did not hesitate to play around and comment on that at some point this powerful being It can appear for the first time in your franchise.

However, no one expected this to come true. The August 31, 2021, the new trailer for the animated movie Warner Bros.Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms“, where Scorpio He was appearing opposite other Warner characters, and you guessed it, he was also making his debut Shaggy Ultra Instant:

The beginning of the animation begins with a production logo WB animation, in which Scorpio Punches, kicks, wheels, and attempts to intimidate in general, only to be grabbed from the throat by shaggy Bright green, extending from the back Warner Bros. Shield. from his den in NetherRealm.

shaggy Borrows .’s signature logo Scorpio, adding a bit of his lazy style: “Zwinx! Come here man!Scooby Doo It also exists. for copyright issues, Shaggy Ultra Instant It may not have the characteristic silver color of GokuAnd But you can immediately see what the animation is Warner.

There are many characters in human kombat that surprised society alien And predator Just the beginning. Jason Voorhees And Leatherface They are undoubtedly strange choices for a team human kombat, so for the community shaggyThings don’t seem entirely impossible.

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With many theories about what NetherRealm will work later Mortal Kombat 11Only the community that supports this meme can continue to wait for it to appear shaggy And this dream will stay strong Ed Bon And Warner Please continue to give this hope to fans around the world.

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