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when Giselle Sabbagh Debernardi find out that Tech de Monterrey Offered 100% scholarship to study at the institution through the program Tomorrow’s leadersI thought it would be unattainable for her.

Aunt talked about the scholarship opportunity. I couldn’t believe it, I said it must be impossible to getTo Morelos, home of Cuernavaca.

After thinking about it, he decided to apply without realizing that this decision would change his life forever.

The thing that stood out to me the most was that he told me ‘You don’t really have insurance, you don’t lose anything by trying’, I said well, he’s right, and I made my own selection‘, he announced.

Tomorrow’s Leader has been interested in data science from a young age.

And so he started his process in 2019, and little by little he progressed until he got the grant, and that’s how he started his adventure in Tec de Monterrey.

It was a process in which you have to dedicate time and effort, but in the end all my efforts paid off, and I am happy to belong to this community.“, pointed out.

After a year of entering to study in monterey campus, Student Engineering in Data Science and Mathematics He has taken classes in academics, and hopes to continue once I arrive in Monterrey in August of this year.

The experience was very good, the technology and everything Tec has to help us with our learning is very effective.

Although it is not the same motivation to go to a school face-to-face to be at home for 24 hours, the methodologies put in place by the teachers help them, it makes it very diverse and helps you motivate yourself a little more and not feel lonely at home‘, he announced.

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She is part of a generation Tomorrow’s leaders who entered the Monterey campus in August 2020.

Giselle is a graphic painter

His taste in mathematics

Since she was in high school, Gisele already intended to study engineering, but none of them caught her attention.

As she was processing her admission, Tec found out something about the newly created engineer in data science, and realized it was the perfect choice for her.

During my process that I was investigating, I saw that there are Spanish universities that already had that profession and I liked it very much because it includes the fields I love: Mathematics, Statistics, and is immersed in everything to do with technology, virtual“, It is to explain.

Now as the leader of tomorrow, she is committed to being a quality professional with values, as well as supporting others like her in need.

I won’t miss any part of what Tec has to offer, it’s not just the academic but the experience, all the programs, all the activities, he commented.

Work for a technology company like Facebook, Google or Microsoft, and continue to exchange, are some of its goals.

Giselle Sabbagh
2021-22- Giselle will be Vice President of the Data Science Club on the Monterey Campus.

For the social cause

In addition, you will continue to support the program Tomorrow’s leaders As I have done since entering Tec.

I am engaged in a pull from leader to leader that we are doing to support two scholarships for youth, and all the pledges we are making to expand this opportunity to more people“, pointed out.

In high school, he and his mother created the project It’s time to helpThey gave food, blankets or winter clothes to those waiting outside public hospitals.

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As a result of a family case we had to go through the experience of being outside the hospital waiting for a patient and we realized all the inconveniences that occur in that case..

We also brought them food and coffee. We thought that relieved them of some of the burden of waiting for their patient and the uncertainty of what might happen.‘, he pointed out.

In addition, he has been involved in other environmental impact initiatives, helping animals, and collecting books to inculcate the habit of reading in children, among others.

Student thanked donors and Tech de Monterrey To give the opportunity to study in the institution and to recognize the responsibility that she has to overcome.

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