Series: Weekly calendar so you can stay up to date with all the episodes and never miss a thing

With so many series and platforms going around, it becomes very difficult to keep up. For this reason, we decided to make a list to show the day each episode airs, thus avoiding confusion or falling behind in the story. Don’t miss it here!

If you’ve watched several series, you’ve surely at some point got mixed up or confused with the days each chapter is released. It has happened (and is happening) to all of us. While there are some apps, services, and social networks that alert you when each new episode is released, you might miss or forget. For this, in geeky culture We’ve put together a list each day so you’re clear on which series you want to watch (and where).

This list is more useful for series that release weekly chapters, as you do Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mrs. Marvel, boys or others. However, we will also add some shows that release all their episodes at once, as is often the case Netflix.


In June, Mondays are completely empty and it seems that to start the week with an interesting chapter, you have to wait until the end of the month. By the 27th arrive hbo max The first episode of the fourth season of Westworld. From there, a chapter in this great series will run Mondays through August 15th.

Westworld Season 4 Trailer


Irma Vape Starts June 7 hbo max. For those who don’t know what this series is about, the story follows Look (Alice Vikander)An American movie star, disappointed with her career and her recent breakup, arrives in France to play the title role Irma Vape In a remake of the classic French silent film,Vampires“.

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We also have Only the murders in the building Which will show the first three episodes (of season two) three weeks later, on June 28 in star +. From there, the remaining seven episodes will arrive weekly.

finally, Sheet Creek reach to hbo max On June 28. This series is not new, but it is for the platform flow. In this case, it will be released in full on the same day.

Series - Building Murders Only

Sheet Creek series


The busiest day without a doubt. In the first place we have “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, That although the first two chapters arrived on Friday in Disney +And the The series starring this lovable Capricorn airs the remaining seasons on Wednesdays. so we have star Wars To cut off the week until June 22nd.

followed by Mrs. Marvel, The new series of Disney + Based on MCU, with its first chapter on June 8. After that, an episode will be released every week until July 13. Here we will meet Kamala Khana fanatical superhero of Avengersespecially from Captain Marvel.

Our June 15th with love Victor Which arrives in its third (complete) season on June 15. Umbrella Academy reach to Netflix Also the third season on June 22. This series will show its ten seasons out of one, as a giant flow With different offers.

super series marvel They were in Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher & The Defenders arrived at Disney + On June 29. on your side, Baymax!, Tender series robot hero movie Pejero 6 up too Disney + On June 29.

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finally, Atlantaa large series of Donald Glover Reaches its third season star + Also on June 29.


Thursday in this month is completely empty. What premiere comes in Netflix It’s the second season of love and chaos Swedish romantic comedy film arriving on June 16th. Here we leave the description provided by the service flow: “A married counselor and a young computer professional plunge into a game of seduction that defies society’s norms and causes them to re-evaluate their lives.”

Netflix series


The second busiest day, only to head to the weekend. boys, Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated series and one of the few on this list Amazon Prime Video. This show arrives with the first three episodes of its third season on June 3 (rethink that 333). The remaining five episodes will air weekly until July 8.

So we have meager masks, Even though this series has already ended and they aired it BBCIts sixth and final season will arrive in full Netflix The tenth of June. Another series is for all mankind Which shows the first chapter of its third season in + AppleTV The tenth of June. From there, a new episode will arrive every week.

renal Such as meager masks, Full of psychological suspense and was released in the UK on BBC A few months ago, but he will come with his six chapters to Amazon Prime Video June 24. finally, House of Cards: Korea The premiere will start on June 24 at Netflix.

korea paper house series


Barry It’s two chapters from finishing his third season. So if you are familiar with this series starring Bill Hyder They close the weekend in the best way. The final episode arrives on June 12.

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Barry season 3

If you thought we forgot about Saturday you’re wrong, not many shows release their episodes on that day. Maybe he’s the one who’s out or watching a movie, but that’s another note.

The series we include here are just some of the ones that arrive on different platforms week after week. We’ve obviously had a few unlikely, but if we keep prolonging that, we’ll stay with a fairly long note.

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