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All good work. This phrase seems to be very clear to the actor Sergio Catalan, who is remembered for his participation in important television series that gave a lot to talk about such as “La Madrastra”, “Gata Salvaje”, “Bendita mentira” and “En” Nombre del Amor. And that the artist currently has a business that sells ice cream and lollipops in Egypt United State.

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He has been living in that country for several years with his wife, who is also an actress. Theresa TuccioAnd they are more than happy with where these ice cream products are sold and the ice cream shop they called La Michoacana Premium Newhall, which is located in Santa Clarita, in the state of California which opened on May 15th.

In addition to being an advertising space for an ice cream and ice cream shop, the actor uses it Instagram to put several Pictures s Videos related to your work. There it can be seen that the enterprise has the necessary tools so that people can enjoy the products.

There is also a children’s room where in addition to enjoying ice cream and sundae, they will be present in an environment decorated exclusively for them with colors, objects and balloons that will make them feel at home.

In his latest release, the actor also demonstrates how ice cream is prepared, in some of them with different flavors.

After getting acquainted with the Catalan project, other representatives of the couple’s friends came to taste some of these products. Among them are Raul Sandoval, Fran Meric and Aileen Mujica.

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