Seremi introduced science and technology management summary

Announcement in discussion of science and technology challenges in the Greater Southern Region. See the management implemented since 2019 in La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos.

“It was quite a challenge,” Olga Barbosa summed up her work on the first Seremi Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (Ctci) installation in the South Macrozone.

The above during a discussion that brought together some of the main actors of the Ctci ecosystem in La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos, being a favorable opportunity, in addition, to present a document summarizing the main points of their management from the year 2019 until now.

the difficulty of installing unprecedented macro serums and in the context of a pandemic; The role of connecting the academic sector, the private world, the public sector, and science and technology-based institutions; Developing the first gender equality policy, among many others, are some of the challenges that the Regional Ministerial Secretariat highlighted at the meeting.

He added that this would not have been possible without joint and cooperative action and the support of the academic sector, the private world and social organizations. I am sure that as a ministry we have built solid foundations for a scientific institutional framework that will make Chile not only a more advanced country but also a fairer one.”

The document titled “The Challenge of Installing the First Ctci Seremi in the South Macrozone” can be downloaded from the site

Regarding the discussion, SEREMI Olga Barbosa noted that “it is important to hold an event that allows us to reflect on the goals and expectations of the CTCI ecosystem in the three regions, which is why this meeting was created, which we called “Connect 2022: Ctci Challenges in the Greater Southern Region” .

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Participants in this panel discussion are Marisol Barria, representative of Science 2030. Franklin Valdebenito, Director of Nodo Conexión Sur, and Robert Sercus, co-founder of Spike.

“At the Southern Communication Node, we are very grateful for Ctci Seremi’s involvement in our macro region, as they have not only actively participated in governance through our Node Coordination Committee, but have also supported a new project with a goal,” said Franklin Valdebenito, Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer at the University of South Carolina. La Frontera and Director of Nodo Conexión Sur: “It is to strengthen the regional connection of science, technology, knowledge and innovation and how we can build from there more sustainable areas.”

He also stated that “the discussion talked about creating spaces to link and strengthen the science that rises from the regions and the challenges we face for it.”

Marisol Parilla, responsible for Environmental Communication at the Faculty of Science at the University of Austral de Chile and member of the Change Management and Women’s Leadership team, Science for Innovation 2030, Uach Consorcio Subantártico 2030, explained that “This space is an invitation to discuss the challenges of Ctci in the region, where it is necessary to develop and strengthen Domestic capabilities to promote science and technology-based innovation.

Robert Sercus, a member of the Science and Technology Council of Los Rios, and co-founder of Spike, a company that was born in southern Chile and develops data-driven solutions, emphasized that “cases like this allow us to think about the high concentration of talent, skills, and knowledge of southern science and technology professionals.” Chile”

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“However, these cases also force us to think together about the importance of updating and resolving the job insecurity associated with the scientific ecosystem,” he emphasized.

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