SEPE offers work in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Canada for up to €6,000 per month

Spanish training and professional experience are in high demand abroad. Both specialized portals such as the EURES network and the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) publish thousands of Job offers in Europe Which does not always require advanced knowledge of the local language.

Jobs in Ireland

Ireland is one of the countries where most Spaniards work and here is why It is not necessary to obtain a visa As long as Spanish citizenship is proven. In this country the minimum wage is €1,909.7 and the average wage is €3,890 per month. Among the most frequently displayed jobs on job search pages are:

Carpentry: €30,000 for 39 hours per week.

kitchen: €30,000 for 39 hours per week.

Distribution and transportation: €30,000 with a minimum of three years’ experience and two-year contracts.

Logistics: €35,000 for 40 hours per week.

Jobs in Germany and Switzerland

In Germany and Switzerland the demand for Spanish physiotherapists And the high salaries offered to them. The salary is usually around €4,000 per month for 40 hours per week in hotels, residences, clinics or home care. In addition, some offers include accommodation and a company car with a salary of up to 6,000 euros in positions of responsibility.

Jobs in Canada

One of the main advantages of Canada is that it is usually not necessary to speak English or French, which are the official languages, if you are in a position where you do not have to constantly express yourself. Some of the offers highlighted by the job search portal are:

post-man: 43,380 euros annually.

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Cleaners: 38,534 euros annually.

early: 48,709 euros annually.

Caregiver: 50,246 euros annually.

manager assistant: 55,698 euros annually.

security guard: 37,839 euros annually.

truck driver: 71,538 euros annually.

A builder: 41,003 euros annually.

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