Sensitive photos: He tried to jump on a New York subway reel, broke his neck and died

28 year old latin boy He broke his neck on the New York subway while trying to jump on a fan to avoid paying the fare. In a video that recorded the situation, the boy was shown repeating the act several times until The last one cost him his life.

The victim has been identified as Christopher de la Cruz, 28 years old. The event took place in Forest Hills train station-71 Street and queens, about the 6:45 AM on SundayAccording to the American press.

A young man died in New York while trying to jump on a subway revolving door.

According to the released video sequence, the victim, who was wearing a backpack, unsuccessfully attempted to jump on a fan until he lost his balance in the last action. De la Cruz fell on his head and broke his neck.

The body of Cristober de la Cruz was found at the scene minutes later by security personnel, who immediately called the area’s medical services. The medical staff declared him dead at the scene.

The circumstances of the event are under investigation. It is not clear whether the young man has some limitations that could affect his movement or behave with some lack of skill in his movements.

The New York Post reported that the fee was $2.75. According to the American press, One in eight passengers evades turnstiles without paying The Subway is the economic heart of the United States.

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