Selling stimuli, a good deed that many today regret – El Heraldo de Juárez

“Companies dedicated to the sale and installation of mufflers buy catalytic converters from cars to extract some of the precious metals that are part of this application and then sell them to the United States,” said Hector Lozoya of Unión de Yonkeros in Ciudad Juárez.

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According to data released yesterday by Miguel Rojo car identification program, red stickers, hundreds of crooked cars will not be able to level on these limits due to the lack of a catalyst, as it is a requirement to prove that the car does not. Pollution of the environment with polluting emissions.

“I understand that one of the ingredients that is included in the catalysts is gold, so those who install silencers buy those catalysts to extract the gold and then send them to the US where they are repackaged and run again. It’s a great job.” , Lozoya recalled when giving his opinion on the matter.

“I think people will remember in the early ’90s, when the car boom, many people pulled the catalytic converter out of cars because the gasoline in Juarez was too heavy and made the car vibrate or made it too ‘donkey,’ and then many realized From the mechanics it was due to the catalytic converter and they started removing it to fix the problem.”

“Then, someone discovered gold remains inside and started buying them for 400 pesos. There’s a lot to many because at the moment these same catalysts are selling new for between $50 and $500 in the US.” said the leader of the unicorns.

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Clauses of the new nationalization ordinance require that the vehicle to be regulated must comply with all mineral and mechanical performance requirements as well as demonstrate that it complies with environmental standards, and is not polluting, a situation that importers fear will affect when they want to normalize the vehicle’s legal status.

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