Seiya thinks the League of Legends World Cup in Mexico is a bonus

Mexico City, March 25 (EFE). Ali ‘Seiya’ Bracamontes, the player with the most League of Legends titles in Latin America, confirmed on Friday that Mexico’s decision to host the upcoming video game World Cup is a reward for the tournament. Latin American lovers.

“It’s ‘great’ that they rewarded us by giving us part of the most important tournament. I hope everything goes well, and there will be no problems so that people from all over the world see the passion we have in Latin America and can give us more opportunities in the future”, The corridor of the Isurus Center explained to Efe.

Sia, who has won more than 10 titles in his football career, confirmed that for him it is an additional motivation that the region will host for the first time the World Cup stage when Mexico City hosts at the end of the 2022 qualifier season.

Mexico will host the 2022 World Cup alongside the United States, home of the group stage, quarter-finals and finals, and Canada, which will take place in the semi-finals.

“It doesn’t change my goal too much, which is always to get to the World Cup, but it’s an extra motivation. I haven’t been to an international tournament since 2019 and I really want to go to one no matter if it’s Mexico or wherever.”

The two-time Latin American champion revealed in 2019 that he had never dreamed that his home country would host the World Cup, the official name of the World Cup.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen, it was surprising, but then I thought it made sense. There had been no events in general in North America for a while, what they did was ‘cool’ to engage the region, not only the United States, but also Canada and Mexico. , where we have all the infrastructure.

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Seiya is confident that the crowd at the Arena Artz, located in a shopping center south of Mexico City, will be a factor that will benefit the Latin representative and for the first time a team from the region will qualify for the group stage.

“It’s an advantage, I’ve had this situation already years ago in a wild card tournament here in Mexico. It saves you the trip and you don’t miss a day of training. Being local won’t be a lot of advantages, it’s not something that will change the outcome, but it will be good for teams Latin america “.

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