Sebastian Vettel was not vaccinated in Bahrain “in principle”

Four-time world champion in the eye of the hurricane. Everything he does, on and off the track, is subject to scrutiny. For example, Sebastian Vettel He was the only Formula 1 driver not to be vaccinated in Bahrain. This is something you had to explain in your last interview.

It is a matter of principles. I got the offer in Bahrain to get vaccinated, but I didn’t do it on purpose It is not my turn yet. It remains to be seen if my vaccine helps someone who desperately needs it.But it’s a matter of principle, “the German said on RTL.

There are many people who want to be vaccinated. Many of them are waiting. Young people are not in danger Like the elderly. I will get the vaccination, but only when it is my turnSebastian Vettel added in this regard.

Formula 1 was rejecting the vaccine

Taking advantage of the fact that both the preparatory race for the World Championship and the first race of the World Championship were to be held in Bahrain, the Ministry of Health issued the following offer to the public: “Given the timeline of this year’s Formula 1 event, including the tests, most of the participants will be in Bahin for a period of three Weeks before the race A unique opportunity to offer additional protection to those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity of vaccination“.

Great Circus Except Sebastian Vettel, He did not hesitate to accept this offer. Which is that 6 of the 20 pilots who are part of the network contracted the Coronavirus in 2020. However, according to a Formula 1 spokesperson, the presidents planned to reject this proposal. As a UK based organization, Formula 1 does not plan to vaccinate as a travel group prior to the vaccination process for the UK health system“, claimed.

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Motorcyclists have also been vaccinated

Dorna, the organizing company of the MotoGP World Championship, has reached an agreement with the State of Qatar to immunize its entire network with the Pzifer vaccine. Spaniard Carmelo Ispelleta, director of Dorna, recently said: “This year, thanks The relationship between government and our role has always been wonderfulAnd because of the situation and the difficulty of going to the American Grand Prix, we decided to suggest to the Qatari authorities to organize two consecutive Grand Prix races in Lusail and do all the exercises here. “

The government of Qatar, where the vaccination program is going well, then gave us the opportunity to vaccinate the field, which is unbelievable for us.. The whole MotoGP family appreciates it very much. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the government of Qatar“, he added.

Vettel and the environment

Unlike other pilots, the German used his spare time to learn about organic farming. Sebastian Vettel recently submitted his Organic Farming Project. “Since I had more time than I had planned, I thought about what I could do and what interests me. At some point, you realize that not all vegetables are the same, and that not all apples contain the same nutrients, and you wonder why. Then you quickly realize where the apples come from and how they are grown, and this is how the doors were opened for me, ”he explained.

Vettel He even planted a giant heart-shaped garden at his home in Switzerland with his daughters. “The theory interests me and I read about it a lot. But knowing more about the practical side and talking to the people who deal with it on a daily basis was so much fun. Since I didn’t want to settle down with a small heart, I sought to form a slightly bigger heart. The girls were with me at first, however Then I was left alone with the bulldozer and that was so tiredCommented on the matter.

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