Season 7 could include a collaboration with Rick and Morty

This won’t be the first collaboration between Rick and Morty in a video game, we’ve already seen them in Rocket League!

Among its extensive list of crossovers It is an electronic game Throughout their seasons, absent in the title Epic Games what or what Featured in other video games ألعاب it’s a Rick and MortyAnimation for adults. Well, the latest teaser for what’s coming to Battle Royale showed something Caught fans of the series immediately.

Butter Robot can be a means of transportation in Fortnite.The short video posted on social media shows the new items, weapons, and more on their way to the game. of between it , Butter Robot (or Butter Robot) has been recognized by people who know Rick and Morty. Although this device only appeared in one chapter of the series, it didn’t take long for the community to make the connection. His only job in the cartoon, as the name suggests, was to pass butter on the table, but Classified by Epic Games’ Battle Royale as a means of transportation.

Fortnite Season 7 It has already shown some clues about the content to come later. Unidentified flying objects, previously seen, began to prepare society for an extraterrestrial topic, by which Rick and Morty You can connect without difficulties thanks to the thread thread.

The second chapter of Season 7 will be officially announced in Fortnite tonight. while the Butter Robot It’s categorized as a means of transportation, and we still don’t know if it will differ with the rest of the vehicles used in the game. It’s also not clear if this is the only item it’s pulled from Rick and Morty x s Epic Games He has another surprise prepared for the community.

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