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Technological advances lead us to they change, (which we sometimes resist) is accelerated and we must adapt quickly, as a response to survive when we were lucky. History, with its perspective, will be able in the future to analyze and explain the positive and negative aspects of these aspects in the life of society. The art Nor is she alien to this whirlwind of new gadgets and creativity soaring, achieving a goal Aesthetic overwhelming, including the use of computers with infinite 3D effects.

But today I would like to emphasize a certain work that leads us to remember that not so long ago, we were sitting in the cinema watching something like this, we knew it was just a fantasy. So I will describe to you”outlet“: a sculpture Of impeccable design, a huge circle of concrete and steel embedded in a flat rectangular base appears to rest slightly on the sidewalk, in the center of which is large Screen Also circular (like a cell phone). Given its forms, we can define it as simple and devoid of any superfluous element. It has a camera that works the same way it does when making video calls. This display connects cities together, in real time without interruption 24 hours a day. It is not a technically complicated thing, what makes it amazing is its functionality and concept.

Aileen Morales

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