Scientists have discovered a quadruple asteroid inside the solar system

the European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced the shocking discovery of The first quadruple asteroid within our solar system.

To understand it a little better, we have to explain that asteroids somehow work planets styleso they also have a file gravitational field which can It attracts other, smaller space rocks into orbit.

So far, some asteroids are orbiting with it Just a small moon in its orbitor in cases Much Plus abnormal With two small rocks but never with threeas was the case with Asteroid Electrathus became The first quadruple asteroid seen in human history.

The history of the Electra goes way back Almost 150 years agowhen it was first conceived in 1873 as unibody From 200 km approximately From Litchfield Observatory, in the United States. accordingly, in 2003 Your has been detected first moon From 6 kilometersin 2014 The second From 2 km; and now In the third 2022the smallest of all, in diameter 1.6 km.