Scientific publishing workshops among Mexicans

Scientific publishing workshops start in the various science parks of the entity, which are organized by the Mexiquense Council for Science and Technology. Which aims to avoid prejudices about scientific knowledge. It will take place on weekends from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, in various locations in the State of Mexico.

Biologist Alma Delia Mendez, who offers some free workshops, considered that the idea of ​​​​accessing scientific knowledge is difficult and boring spread from the academy, but this is far from reality.

“Science within everyone’s reach, experiments with homemade materials”

As evidence, he teaches science and environmental topics with materials so accessible they can be found at home, to show that science is part of everyday life and can be fun.

I realize that the response has been good, although the days are few. He lamented that parents are often the ones who take away the attention of the young, which is why he urged adults to bring their children closer to these issues.

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“Sometimes when you mention it’s science workshops people say ‘Oh no thanks’ but when we arrive and don’t say it’s workshops the kids will only go to play and do experiments they are the most interested but even so the parents say no Sometimes they kill their curiosity,” says Delia Mendez.

“Science publishing should be promoted by families.”

Despite the above, he celebrated the presence of always those who come, in the Sierra Morelos Park we received as many as 480 people and in the Science Park we received more than 900 people.

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He explained that the activities will continue, which encouraged those interested to approach; “The workshops are located in different science parks in the state, and a plan is being drawn up for workshops to be offered and corresponding training.”

The “Tenemos una Cita” initiative is part of COMECyT, to offer free access workshops designed for children, adults and the general public, with the aim of sparking scientific, technological and innovative curiosity among the community.

Topics covered are: Learning about Spring, Recycling Art, Fossil Creation, Interpretive Walk, Modern Dinosaurs, Girls and Science, Learning with Science, Discovering the Science of Foodamong others.

The places are: Fundadores Science Park in Toluca, Sierra Morelos Science Park In Oxtotitlan’s San Mateo Tlalnepantla Science Parkin that municipality.

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