Science Vs, Road 96 and Mafada in CDMX

Don’t suffer anymore from rainy days, we are already in weekend And your biggest concern should be how to enjoy those days of rest.

Like every weekend, in animal MX We will share with you 3 Recommendations So you can put your fun plans together.

So if you are looking for something new audio notationa video game That would amuse you for hours or a plan in CDMX To leave the house, here we have what you need.

Podcast: Science Vs

To some people, science doesn’t seem like a fun thing, however, in this podcast they will endeavor to demystify some of the most common beliefs in the funniest way possible,

So if you’re wondering if a shark would really eat you if it were swimming in the same place or if you would freak out about monkeypox, in Science Vs you’ll get the answers.

Video game: Route 96

The line between series/movies and video games is getting thinner, and with Road 96 you will feel like the hero of a story worthy of Hollywood.

Here you will control different teenage characters who will try to free their country from dictatorship, however, every decision you make (or don’t make) will change the course of the story.

Available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Plan on CDMX: Free Exhibition “Mafalda: A Look at the Feminine”

If you’re a keno fan or simply looking for a great gallery, UNAM brings us Mafalda to get us thinking about gender inequality.

The free exhibition, which tells of what is “feminine” from the point of view of the Mafalda cartoons, is located in the Museum of the Constitutions and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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