Science has revealed the smartest dog breed, and it’s not the one we all thought

What is the smartest dog breed in the world? A study based on the performance of 10 tasks.

There are thousands of different dog breeds, yet only one is considered the most intelligent. picture: universal mascot

The dog is the animal most adapted to the life of people. Evolution has given them the strategies to be able to Living in an environment full of people Without a doubt, they took advantage of this advantage bestowed upon them by nature to strengthen their bonds. Now, are all existing races the same? Obviously not. There are some that stand out for being more subtle, others for being more homemade, and some that, on the other hand, are not suitable for apartment living for purely material reasons. Do you already know if you are more dogs or cats?

Now, are there representative differences in what indicates intelligence level? naturally. Science has revealed what are the most intelligent dog breeds. In order to conduct the study, Various tests have been developed The aim of which was to conduct various tests to measure the cognitive and behavioral aspects. In this way, the sum of them all is what allowed us to get an answer to this question. This is one of the most interesting scientific experiments that have been conducted in this regard.

Let us see, then, what the tests consisted of, What results were obtained And of course which breed had the highest scores in the study. It is, without a doubt, a project with so many participants that, traditionally, it has already been considered one of the most advanced projects in the matter. Thus, the experiment that was conducted could have had a significant impact.

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Which race is the most intelligent and how was this award awarded?

The team of researchers, after conducting the crucial studies, made a decision. The results of the successive experiments conducted determined that the most intelligent dog breed is the Belgian Malinois. How was this conclusion reached? Tests were carried out on More than 1,000 specimens from a total of 13 species, which has always been at the top of the rankings in terms of IQ levels. In order to show the final results, a total of 10 tasks were carried out: 7 cognitive tasks and 3 behavioral tasks.

Resting Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is the smartest dog in the world. picture: Homemania

This particular species had differential performance, particularly when performing cognitive tasks. The tests were based primarily on the animals’ ability to track signals given by humans. More specifically, it was implemented A task that consists of continuous pointingas well as doing it in a very subtle way, doing it with the feet, pointing in one direction while looking the other way, plus staring without pointing.

The so-called Belgian Shepherd was able to follow all the pointers quickly, explaining Understand the actions the person is requesting. In addition, another task was to open a chest containing food. It was possible to check how the majority of specimens from each strain used to focus on solving a food problem or, in addition, to carry out a task consisting of asking for help from a human.

The study was able to determine how the second most intelligent species in the world matches up border collie And completing the platform, it was located hofawart. However, it should be noted that it is a general study, so it will be necessary to break down the different abilities to understand which one might represent a better case. Be that as it may, it is not surprising that the winning race has a presence in multiple competitions related to completing circuits of various kinds, right?

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