Science fiction “Towards the East” focused on narrative and mastered simple mechanics

Work and role in the purest style the legend of zelda full of The dark and dirt characteristic of the underground life of the characters eastthe first game from Chinese developer Pixpil that focuses heavily on its narrative.

john sam They are the heroes and fighters of this adventure, and they both carry Life’s darkest undergroundwhere they have to live behind The poisonous plague known as MIASMA which has spread all over the world.

Simplicity and everyday life seem to be characteristic of the story, but it quickly turns into something deeper when it’s Explore this green outer world And the sky they were forbidden to climb to, and when they started adding Magical and cool items It must be discovered.

east It is an action packed yet calm game. The truth is It’s a slow start and you’ll have to venture out with patience To discover all it has to offer.

However, if there is one thing that will delight you from start to finish, it is build your world, both the evolution of their post-apocalyptic society and their physical appearance are taken from the best dystopian science fiction story. All this, yes, with Artistic section of the most accurate and original style pixel art.

Any fan of this genre will enjoy this title indie You will save about 30 hours of full game humorattractive and carefree characters, magical action and Face robotic monsters and mutant creatures.

Although exploration and combat are the basis of its mechanics, which offer limited movements and powers, and boast of their simplicity, The most wonderful and important east is your story. As if you were browsing through the pages of a book, the curiosity and surprises in the plot of the book are what can really get the player stuck.

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For this reason, although the game was released in September 2021 on Nintendo Switch and PC, it is now living a new life after a new version is released. The update that lets you enjoy it in Spanish. Its history, dialogues, menus and other items are in Spanish, and for players who have already purchased it, this patch is free.

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