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Lord Fernandez, Patrick San Juan, Willie Carrera, Barbara Anagaste, and Nacho Mujica. / Ignacio Perez


Presentation at the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts of the installation “Trece a Centauro” by Sergio Prigo

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At twelve in the morning, Angelus time, the officials of the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts invited famous artists, owners of the Bilbao gallery, and art friends for wine or beer, after more than two years without any kind of meeting due to the pandemic, on the occasion of the installation show “Thirteen a Centauro” , based on the science fiction story of writer J.J. Ballard, by San Sebastian artist based in Brooklyn (New York) Sergio Prigo.

An installation designed specifically for the Museum of Bilbao, to coexist with the development of its expansion project, which occupies the ten renovated rooms of the old building. A sculptural experience consisting of a series of pneumatic units, inflated membranes which, as if they were wings of birds or butterflies of enormous size, occupy most of the space in each of the rooms in which they are installed.

Miguel Zogaza, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, stepped in to present the exhibition, noting that the artist’s work from San Sebastian is a way to give life to the rooms while completing the works. The artist responded with humor, saying, “It seems that friends only invite me when they are doing construction work. This is a great opportunity – continue – to make an installation in a place where it is not very common to be able to present your work ».

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The opening was attended by the Deputy General of Bizkaia Unai Rementeria. Gorka Martinez, CEO of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait. architect Luis Maria Uriarty; Graphic designer Miguel Garay, Marta García Maruri, Teresa Icaza, José María de Vega and Jose Julian Baquedano. It was attended by Beatrice Hirais, Director of Vitoria Artium. Fernando Perez, Director of Azkuna Zentroa; gallery owner Nacho Mujica; Emilia Ebeld, gallery owner; Mighty Martinez de Arenas, from Lataler; and artists such as Ana Roman, Edo Lopez, Elena Mendezbal, John Mikel Yuba, Mikel Escoriaza, Jozo Riccaldi, Susana Taliro, Ixon Sadaba and Alberto Lomas.

The event was attended by Alberto Epinia, Begonia Pedrozaga, Montse Gonzalez, Roberto Alonso, collector Patrick San Juan, Barbara Anasagaste, Willie Carrera, Eugenia Griveiro, Maria Jose Ruiz-Usaita, Pablo Huercanos, Asir Mercanos, Inara El Guibar, Isabel de Navaría María Isabel, Isabel de Navaría Mar, E. Miren Lower Garmendia. Look at Arenzana, Itziar Azkuenaga, Juan Manuel Lertxundi, Jon Uribarren, Txema Muñoz, Javier Bárcena, Igor Ruiz, Jorge Lertxundi, Aitor Lejarcegi and Jesús Pulido.

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