Science fiction and puzzles next Thursday

Surviving Mars is now available for platform users, allowing you to emulate the exploits of perseverance.

It’s Thursday and you know what that means. Time to walk around Epic Games Store, Because of New free game Of the week on the digital distribution platform. A tradition the store has had since its inception and helps increase our address library, and collects proposals that might go unnoticed.

Surviving Mars will take us to explore and colonize Mars with its management toolsAs we warned last week, from now on and for a week we will be able to download Surviving MarsTaking advantage of the fact that the Red Planet is in fashion for the advent of perseverance. If you don’t know it, we’re telling you it’s a Strategy and management game The user’s goal will be to create a human colony to be able to create life on Mars. Not an easy target, as there is a lot of ground to explore and secrets to discover. I will touch Searching for resources and experimenting in a risky process. You can learn more at Mars Survival Analysis.

We already know which game we’ll be able to download for free next week. It comes to b the fall, Nosy A science fiction adventure Combines puzzle solving and side-scrolling action elements. To do this, it will be necessary to control the AI ​​and the player must experiment with his way of thinking and explore this type of entity.

Don’t forget Surviving Mars is available Free for one week onlyTherefore, we recommend that you quickly jump to the The game page on the Epic Games store So don’t forget.

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