Science Fair: A Project From Escuela 501 Went To Regional Final

The sheer pride causes the educational community to perform Private School No. 501 At the science fair. construction project on Production of perfumes from flowers, plants and plant residues He was selected as the best Cañuelas in the regional evaluation conducted at General Rodríguez, so he will represent School District X in the District Final to be held in the coming weeks, possibly in Mar del Plata.

The local stage of the Education, Arts, Science and Technology Fair was held on July 11 in middle school 2. In this area, some performances have been made 30 projects From the primary, primary and secondary stages that moved to the regional stage held 15 days ago in General Rodriguez.

In the past hours, local coordinators Myriam Jakimczuk, Fabian Orruti and Ariel Balduma Gilardi Results received: Project “perfume” From Escuela 501 de Cañuelas she achieved the highest local score, receiving Provincial final passport.

It is an original proposal of Prepare natural perfumes from flowers and plantsWhere did the teacher work? Jimena Perez And first year students Gonzalo Alvarez Arambari, Prunella Garignani, Lian Tahil Gomez, Fabrizio Quinones and Valentina Sella.

“For the school, this is a huge achievement. On several occasions our students have won medals in different sports but They never made it to a regional final in science. We are very happy with the children and the teacher’s work. I think the evaluators noted not only the quality of the project, but also The love and compassion that Jimena shows to her students“The most prominent 501 manager, Maria Alejandra Talamo.

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The director added that the group members are Students with mobility impairments Some are in wheelchairs and, despite difficulties in moving and expressing themselves, have been able to interact with the audience and residents, explaining all the work they have developed through gestures.

“When we worked on the subject of plants, we saw that there was a great variety. We discovered, we discovered its fragrance, we chose what we liked the most. It was there that the theme of perfume arose and whether we could be creative. Homemade, based on flowers, peels of citrus and aromatic. We went deeper with the help of families, magazines, video… We did simple experiments that answered our question. We’ve verified that we can use citrus peels, flowers, and herbs again and create completely natural fragrances” teacher description.

“They are a group of children who are curious and observant of what is happening around them. With this project, they had to experiment with producing their own perfume by playing, exploring, comparing, observing, interacting, listening, being able to wait and research, Sharing material and respecting what the other chooses or feels” he added.

In this way, “Perfumeando” will reach the city of Mar del Plata on behalf of the parties that make up District X: Logan, San Andrés de Giles, Mercedes, Soipacha, General Rodriguez, Marcos Paz, Las Heras, Navarro and Cañolas.

the teacher Fabian Orotti With several years of experience in organizing the exhibition, I highlighted the very good preparation of the 64 projects that competed at the local level and the outstanding quality of the 30 projects that have moved to the regional stage. “In other years, Cañuelas came in with 10 or 15 projects, and this year they increased the share and were able to send 30 plus two more to participate in the science club; this A clear indication of the dedication we have in the region.”

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