Science Explains Why Dogs Are Loyal Animals

There are all kinds of theories about this. There are those who believe that they are loyal because humans feed and shelter them, and others suggest that it is due to their evolutionary past… To definitively solve this problem, a classification with the main explanations has been developed.

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According to the International Federation of Canine Science, there are 343 different breeds of dogs and they are all loyal to humans.

evolutionary past

In the past, researchers believed that dogs separated from wolves when dogs began to live with humans. Based on studies of the mitochondrial DNA of dogs and wolves, the two species separated 135,000 years ago.. However, according to the discovery of dog bones buried with humans, coexistence between dogs and humans did not begin until much later, 13,000 years ago.

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Since humans and dogs began to live together, dogs have undergone a process of coevolution. This means that They have developed behavior very similar to that of humans, to the point that they are able to understand your nonverbal language, your tone of voice, and even your facial movements.


It is said that dogs have developed very similar behavior to humans, even in nonverbal language.

It is said that dogs have developed very similar behavior to humans, even in nonverbal language.

Social life

Dogs are mammals, so They have a natural instinct to belong to a groupWhether it is made up of other animals or humans. Therefore, another explanation for why dogs are so loyal is that their behavior comes from social life.

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Finally, it should be noted that There are dog breeds that are more loyal than others. For example, the Basset is a very calm and sociable dog, which gets along well with other dogs, as well as with children. He only barks when he feels threatened in any way

The St. Bernard It is one of the best known breeds in the world. Famous for their large size, they are very friendly and calm, as well as loyal to their owners. He is sociable, patient and understanding.

The German shepherd He is intelligent, loyal and calm. You can easily mix with humans, as well as with other pets.

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