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The conference began in the morning with a welcome from the president of the local club, Martin Gorostegui, who stated that “It is a pleasure to welcome you to our home. When we faced the process of building this stadium, we dreamed of having a place to host football, the social life of the city and events like this. On this day, two worlds come together differently but complement each other and need each other very much. “.

He also thanked Vélez for “They were pioneers and they invited us to be a part of this.” Finally, he highlighted the role of Estudiantes Innova, who “was born with the aim of imparting knowledge to the daily activities and activities of the club. The goal is achieved and is enriched by the work they do”.

For his part, Velez’s Vice President, Adrian Pelayes, pointed out that “It is an honor to be part of this union. We will continue to build this relationship based on unique values, as Velez and Estudiantes do with education.”

“Developing this day has been a dream come true. There are many things to say. We believe that by sharing the experience of the two clubs we achieve that everyone can grow.”

The first part of the day, which lasted until noon, was on the main podium located at the UNO . Stadium Dr. Carlotta Torrentes, Natalia Balague Serre, Fernando Yuma and Fernando San Jose While Hernan Bonvicinithe coach of Atlético de Madrid, concluded his presentation of the training methodology in professional football, which he collaborated with Christian Cyranoa video analyst from the first year of La Plata students.

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For the second phase of the event, the conference added new space and there were simultaneous lectures, both on the main stage and in the United Nations Hall. There, the exhibitions about “muscle injuries in football”, the “Bahia basket model” were dictated by the former national team player. Juan “Peppa” GutierrezAnd “athletic women”, “contradiction in sports” and “the paradox of creativity” appeared Louis Martinthe physical coach of the Argentine football team that will play the World Cup in Qatar.

For its part, the following topics were discussed in the hall: “Football for children”, “Football training”, “Athlete’s self-knowledge”, “Using data in sports” and “How do we take care of the health of the athlete?”.

closed by Juan Ignacio “Baby” Sanchez and Juan Sebastian Veronwho spoke for an hour on “Athlete Training and the Challenges of the Future”.

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