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Matanzas: “It is a deep satisfaction to exchange with young people from science and universities, who possess so much talent and dedication,” said Aileen Alvarez Garcia, first secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communist League (UJC), on Wednesday when speaking at the Young Scholars Forum, which It is held as part of the seventh. International Cubamotricity 2022 Conference.

When dictating the Cuban Youth Congress. The essence of the Life in Revolution project, as defined by a Doctor of Educational Sciences, is that taking advantage of this force is now urgent and requires changes in methods and methods of work aimed at recognizing the contribution of youth, its dignity, and to the extent. Encourage, as far as possible, all opportunities for professional achievement that may come to fruition in Cuba from the UJC.

Alvarez García stressed that there is confidence that the current limitations can be overcome and that the horizon of life projects within the revolution will widen in the coming years. “In this, young college students will play a critical role in the proliferation of science and in transforming each student into a potential researcher, skilled in identifying and solving problems of the future, which will always be formidable challenges,” he said. Certain.

Dr. in Educational Sciences Keila García Estevez, Director of the Center for Youth Studies, and one of the other speakers at the Forum with a conference between Science and Youth. The Cuban dialogue towards the future, means that the latest must always be accompanied by a constant desire to learn through the practice of science and have the ability to be good researchers in the time in which they live.

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The role of researchers is essential in a society like ours, which values ​​knowledge and aspires to continue development in scientific, technological and human terms by defending science and innovation as a pillar of government administration.

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