Science accessible to the general population through the Contandociencia program of the IES de Fene (A Coruña)

Scienceprogram organized by the library O Segrel de Penedo del Vin High School A Coruña resumes its activities at the conference Technology at launch: 50 years of Arteaga Responsible for marine and ocean engineer Raul Villa Caro.

The initiative, which in collaboration with Concello de Fene, has the following It aims to bring science closer to the general population To achieve this, besides this talk, another eight will be developed during the course.

will be next October 20 by Scholar at Sergas, Manuel Colladowhich will be eaten Na Procura da Fonte da Youth. It will be followed by an intervention by Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Santiago, Joseph EdelsteinThe November 17Which will focus on the analysis of black holes. Metabolism, obesity and other issues will be the main topic of Ramón y Cajal and Cimus researcher, Soleil TovarThe December 1st.

Another notable person in this course is the Professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of Santiago, Angel Carracidowho will deal with genomic medicine at Fene on January 17 This will precede the intervention of the Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Southern California, Carmen GarciaThe February 9 On the safety of cosmetics.

Weeks before learning the final verdict of UNESCO on the declaration of Xeoparque do Cabo Ortegal World Geopark, the project’s scientific director and doctor of geology, Fran Canossawill introduce the geological characteristics of Galicia in March 9.

Among the other issues to be discussed that are of concern among the population is climate change in Galicia which will be addressed by the meteorologist and science reporter. Pia Hervilla The April 20.

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Contandociencia will close the file May 9 Civil engineering, canals and ports, Maria Canosa with the story Tomorrow is worth more than force.

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