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Science 2030 plan discussed in Senate No. 3

“This is the first cross-sectoral plan and unprecedented in the country, where we are all discussing, unions, politicians, professionals and others,” said Rolando Gonzalez, director of the Patagonian Scientific and Technological Center of eight research institutes. Discussion of the Science 2030 Plan begins in the Senate in order to respond to the country’s science requirements.

“The plan takes 3 years of work, we wrote it thinking about the budget and resources we should take care of in the country, because they are scarce” identified the researcher at Roadmap. The discussion will include the commission’s work, but its purpose is to reach 1% of GDP in 2032 for science, Gonzalez described.

road map| equipment: Andrea Miranda, Elena Irazzabal and Amanda Collier| Technical operator: Louis Villegas| Illustrative image|

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