Scandal in Brazil: A man was vaccinated five times against Covid-19

Viewing several syringes before they were used to vaccinate against COVID-19 (EFE/David Arquimbau Sintes/POOL/File)

Pfizer, Coronavac, AstraZeneca … A man has collected almost all the vaccines given against COVID-19 in Brazil and will have to explain to the authorities how he managed to circumvent controls to receive five doses in ten weeks.

The Health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro identified the person and “Confirmed the notification of five doses received by the citizen who will be contacted for clarification“Why did he go for vaccinations so many times?” the mayor’s office said in a note sent to the news agency. France Press agency.

Between May 12 and July 21, The patient received two doses of Pfizer, two of Coronavac and one of AstraZeneca, to me Globo TVwho received his digital vaccination card.

For immunization, people must be of the age determined by the municipal calendar, present an identity document registered in the system of the Ministry of Health, and for the second dose, a certificate that they received the first must be presented.

The mayor’s office indicated that the man went to three different health centers, which would have exploited moments of failure in the electronic system to receive doses that do not correspond to it, according to the news portal. st 1.

The Ministry of Health is still investigating the circumstances, but stated that it will evaluate “Related measures‘against him’pentavalent vaccine‘, Who is the He was discovered when he was trying to receive his sixth dose on August 16. It is also investigated if similar cases exist.

A nurse prepares a dose of a vaccine against COVID-19 at a basic health unit in São Paulo (EFE/Sebastiao Moreira/File)
A nurse prepares a dose of a vaccine against COVID-19 at a basic health unit in São Paulo (EFE/Sebastiao Moreira/File)

Brazil has a high commitment to its vaccination programs, something that has been maintained during the current COVID-19 campaign.

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Several states in Brazil have reported immunodeficiency to comply with the schedule set by the Ministry of Health and Rio de Janeiro has suspended its campaign several times due to lack of doses.

Of the 212 million Brazilians, 58% received at least one dose and 25% in the second.

The authorities were also forced to take measures to prevent the so-called “Vaccine bartenders”, who pass through health units in search of the immunization device of their choice.

In June, the mayor of Rio, Eduardo PaesAnd Criticize these “bartenders”Some even took a third dose:This is a crime, this is fraud“, She said.

Brazil has reported more than 570,000 deaths from COVID-19, a number that has only been surpassed by the United States.

(With information from EFE)

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