Say goodbye to passwords: Google introduced an automatic login system to replace them

Google announced today that it has prepared a new compatibility tool between them chrome browser and Android devices that allow you to bid farewell to the manual entry of passwords.

through a system called passkeycompany promises Simplify login across apps, websites, and devices.

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passkey It is a more secure alternative to passwords and other authentication factors that can be vulnerable to fraud and hacking. The pass keys It cannot be reused, does not leak server breaches, protects users from phishing attacks and phishing‘,” Google stated in a grandmother’s presentation.

Typing passwords will be a thing of the past with the new Google tool. (Photo: AdobeStock)

Declared compatibility for passkey With apps on Android and websites from Chrome will let you do that Login without password on all platforms.

According to Google, the new tool will provide Two main benefits:

  1. for users It gives them the ability to create and use access keys on Android devices (securely synced via Google PasswordManager);
  2. for developers It will give them the option to add support for passkey on your websites with Chrome.

How does the passkey work

passkey is a password encrypted These are stored on the device and synced to the cloud, and only work when activated by a biometric component, such as a fingerprint or face.

Say Goodbye to Passwords: Passkeys are activated with biometric data.  (Image: Google)
Say Goodbye to Passwords: Passkeys are activated with biometric data. (Image: Google)

The main advantage of this system is that a The password Can not be reused It must be activated again with biometric access on the next use. For this There is no point in stealing it Since you have to validate it every time you need to use it.

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The procedure is simple and runs in the background without the user doing anything other than Enter your fingerprint or near your face on the device. Upon activation, the password is synchronized with the cloud, validated and provided access. All within milliseconds and without typing a single letter.

The pass keysMoreover, it can be used Log in to websites on your Android device also To access from another device using an Android phone.

This is what the Passkey system in use looks like.  (Image: Google)
This is what the Passkey system in use looks like. (Image: Google)

Google added that the system is also working on Various platforms and browsersincluding Windows, macOS, iOS, and ChromeOS in a similar way.

Towards a future without passwords

Google’s launch is part of a broader effort to speed up adoption access keys -o passkeys- s After announcing in May plans to support them as a common password-less login standard developed by FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Microsoft and Apple Also committed to Access keys support. This means that once implemented, the new web authentication credentials, also known as FIDO credentials, will allow users of the three tech giants to log into their accounts without using passwords.

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Sampath Srinivas, product manager at Google, stated in May that: “To enter a website on your computer, You just have to have your phone near you You will simply be asked to open it.”

“Even if you lose your phone, your access keys will be securely synced to a new key from your cloud backup, allowing you to pick up where you left off on your old device.”

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Undoubtedly the truth Stop logging into accounts with passwords will make the web be saferIt is currently the most common entry point that attackers use when trying to hijack personal files and private data.

The new features will be available across all major Google, Microsoft, and Apple platforms, devices, sites, and apps over the next year.

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