Saudi Arabia backtracks and removes controversial dress code

Ten days after some teams and journalists received an email with a dress code to follow during Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Formula 1, the Ministry of Sports backtracked. This post established rules for both sexes, although more restrictive for women, in order to respect and preserve local customs.

Dress code prohibited neck lines, cut above the knees like short pants, The ripped jeans, The Dresses, The Close-to-body clothing even excessive makeup. These restrictions, in addition to the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia, have been extended to Any public place in Jeddah.

While the dress code has caused quite a stir in the West, these same measures have been implemented in Dakar. However, this is the first time that a file Formula 1 Upon disembarking in the country, the Saudi government wanted to make an exception.

Saudi Arabia puts tourism first

“Our main goal is to make sure that everyone who visits Jeddah experiences how warm and welcoming this place is. The Ministry of Sports stressed this There will be no uniform on the Jeddah Corniche circuit or in any public place in Jeddah. This applies to everyone. Regardless of gender“You can read the statement issued in this regard. However, fans are urged to.”Respecting the cultural sensitivities of Saudi Arabia in public“.

On the other hand, the email containing the dress code received by some teams and journalists appears to have been sent in error. Without these kinds of restrictions, and through sport, Saudi Arabia is trying to clean up its image to encourage tourism and thus reduce its economic dependence on oil. That’s why, during the Grand Prix weekend, artists of international stature like Justin Bieber, David Guetta NS Jason Derulo They will make offers.

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Formula 1 arrives in Saudi Arabia

Formula 1 claims to be pleased to be part of the country’s inaugural stage. We are excited to welcome the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a country that has quickly become a hub for sporting and entertainment events. With so many happenings in recent years, we are glad that Formula 1 is going there,” CEO Chase Carey stated months ago.

For his part, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal Al Saud, who is also the Minister of Sports, announced that “the excitement in Formula 1 reflects the moment of transformation that the country is going through.”

AI vs.

Shortly after the race was announced, Felix Jackkins, campaign director at Amnesty International UK, denounced, saying: “Formula 1 must recognize that The Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia in 2021 will be part of the effort to clean up the country’s poor human rights record. Although Saudi women were allowed to drive without arrest, authorities recently imprisoned and tortured several activists who campaign for women’s rights, including Loujain al-Hathloul and Nassima al-Sadah.

If the Grand Prix continues, Formula 1 must insist on it All contracts have strict labor standards across all supply chains and that All events are open to all without discrimination. Ahead of the race, we urge all Formula 1 drivers, owners and teams to consider speaking out about the human rights situation in the country, including expressing solidarity with imprisoned human rights defenders.”

A F1 spokesperson responded to this statement: “We take our responsibilities very seriously and have made our position on human rights and other issues clear to everyone. Our partners and host countries who are committed to respecting these rights in the way their events are organized and run“.

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There is no doubt that the abolition of the dress code of Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Agrees with the said speaker. It will now be necessary to find out if the pilots are talking about the human rights situation in the country, as Amnesty International has urged them to do.

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