Santiago Cafiero, Chief of Staff in the Shadows

He’s still the boss’s strongman. Santiago Cafiero Eat lunch two or three times a week with Alberto Fernandez He continues to go to the Fifth of Olivos on Saturday and Sunday. His talks extend far beyond international relations and his current role as an advisor.

In the government they made it clear that their arrival in Ministry of Foreign Affairs It made the foreign policy agenda flow in a “healthy way”. The connection between his predecessor, Felipe Sulla, and the president was severed. Neither of them did anything to rebuild it and that this had a positive effect on a management that had more disagreements than successes. Now he’s the president’s man working for the State Department as they research the world’s post-pandemic agenda to become the protagonist.

Cafiero has a mission of balance. “It is the role of the responsible mediator,” they describe in their environment what Argentina’s role in the world should be. President You will go to the summit of Mercosur in December and will be displayed next to Jair Bolsonaro; faces a challenge to advance talks with the United States and Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund, meet a Hanging trip to China for April or May, Travel to Germany And Maintaining agreements with Russia. “They wanted to show a reclusive Alberto Fernandez and the tour showed that it’s not. The only thing you see here is an internal crisis, but outside you see that democracy is strengthening, there is no censorship and we are helping to solve difficult scenarios in the region like Bolivia,” they explain.

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Santiago Cafiero succeeded in reducing the battle with Brazil that put Mercosur in danger

Because of his time at the Cabinet Office, Cafiero continues to play an active role with the rest of the ministers. Minister of Economy Martin GuzmanHead of Production Development Department Matthias ColvasThey visited him at the Palacio San Martín. Other officials are also passing by. It makes sense to have an active trade foreign policy. You have to go where the money is. If there is silver in Australia, we go to Australia,” government charts to give an example of an investment of $8,400 million obtained to generate green hydrogen in Rio Negro. From there will come the “investment of the century”, christened by the presidential delegation that traveled to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.

The tour made it clear Cafiero remains the president’s most trusted manNo matter what role you occupy. The former chief of staff was responsible for reviewing and preparing Fernandez’s overseas performances. With the Secretary of International Economic Relations, Cecilia Todesca BocoPrepare the words of the head of state for the world. There were three performances at Leaders Summit G 20 and three more in Climate Change Agreement. “Anyway, Alberto has the spirit of a teacher,” Cafiero says of the speeches that Fernandez kept modifying even minutes before speaking.

Ministers keep turning to Cafiero when they need to work something out with the president. The counselor usually has volumes not only from his area at the top when he comes to visit Fernandez. It can be for lunch at Casa Rosada or on weekends in Olivos. His departure from the Prime Minister to leave the place to Juan Manzur after pressure from Kirchnerism to make cabinet changes does not mean a departure from the administration’s daily agenda that he continues to share with Fernandez.

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With him, the president is also evaluating scenarios beyond November 14th. The chancellor is convinced that there is no way forward with further cabinet changes after another possible defeat. He asserts that all the allies of the Todos Front understand that there is no other path than the path of unity, and is optimistic about the future of the alliance that governs it.

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