Santiago Cafiero called for an end to sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela and accused the Organization of American States

Advisor Santiago Cafiero He called for an end to the embargo and economic sanctions imposed on Cuba and Venezuela and strongly accused the Organization of American States (OAS). In the front row the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, and the President of the Organization of American States, Louis Almagro The main focus of the questions of the Argentine delegation.

I am talking about the unilateral measures that are being taken on the continent, especially in Cuba and Venezuela. Everyone is talking about fighting inequality, but no concrete practices are being promoted to attack this regional scourge.” he said to Nation Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Despite Argentina’s claim, Cafiero acknowledged that there would be no consensus to include this request in the final document. “There will probably be a lot of margins at the end of the document,” he said. Although he did not mention it, the United States and the Organization of American States are part of the group that supports the continuation of punitive policies.

“Action can be sought on the continent based on a cooperative and harmonious outlook, not on the basis of sanctions. Time has shown that these actions have failed and have deepened the crises in those countries.” He described the Secretary of State, one of the officials closest to President Alberto Fernandez.

What Argentina brought to the Summit of the Americas was to propose spaces for dialogue, according to Cafiero. “A summit with exceptions is a wrong way,” he added.

Santiago Cafiero, at the Summit of the Americas Foreign Ministers Meeting

Against the Organization of American States

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In his presentation to his peers, Cafiero vividly revealed the differences with the OAS. “Fairness is, more than ever, the basis of political stability, deep democracy and harmony in international relations. For this reason, the commitment to democratic governance worked out at this summit cannot be achieved if the sanctions and unilateral measures that are still being implemented in our region continue. ‘ said the foreign minister.

As he said on his show, “The facts show that they failed and only caused the population to suffer.” And added: “The distribution of sanctions and embargoes goes in the opposite direction to the search for effective tools to combat inequality.”

Cafiero argued that institutions that promote regional integration, such as the Organization of American States, are “taking the wrong path.” He added, “The OAS must never again legitimize destabilizing operations, nor should it engage in a coup, as happened recently in Bolivia, and we must leave behind these unfortunate pages of history.”

As President of CELAC, Cafiero today and Alberto Fernandez Tomorrow they will seek to determine the distances between both forums. The foreign minister, who warned despite questions that Argentina would not withdraw from the body led by the former Uruguayan foreign minister.

During the meeting chaired by blinkin, Foreign ministers discussed Five projects for political participation Host Country Proposal: Inter-American Action Plan on Democratic Governance; our green and sustainable future; Action Plan on Health and Resilience in the Americas; Regional Program for Digital Transformation; and accelerating the transition to clean energy. On the other hand, two additional initiatives have been added: the draft Los Angeles Declaration on Immigration and Protection and the draft “Declaration of the Ninth Summit of the Americas on Good Regulatory Practices”.

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Together with Cafiero, Chief Adviser to the Presidency, John Manuel Olmos; Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luciana Titus; Under Secretary for Latin American Affairs, Gustavo Martinez Pandiani; Argentine Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Carlos Raimondi.

Santiago Cafiero speaks at the Summit of the Americas Foreign Ministers Meeting
Santiago Cafiero speaks at the Summit of the Americas Foreign Ministers MeetingStephen Collazo

Shortly after landing in Los Angeles and before being presented to the continent’s foreign ministers, Cafiero emphasized that the Summit of the Americas could be a great opportunity for Fernandez. Part of this conclusion was based on the fact that the absence of several important leaders, such as Manuel López Obrador (Mexico), Luis Lacal Pou (Uruguay), Luis Ars (Bolivia), and Xiomara Castro (Honduras), among others, is in a more preponderant place. Added to this is the electoral presence of Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil).

From the point of view of those accompanying the president, an opportunity opens up to establish himself as a leader in the region. This is why, as expected NationDespite the annoyance caused by the President of the United States’ veto, Joe BidenFor the participation of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, the head of state, as predicted by close sources, will not be the “voice of the excluded”, but will propose a different model of integration.

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