Sanchez: “It is important that relations between the United States and the European Union are closer after the epidemic” | Economie

Pedro Sanchez began his presidential trip to the United States with an invitation to the American administration: That after the epidemic, the transatlantic relations between the North American country and the European Union are much closer. This was transferred Wednesday during an interview on the program morning atmosphere, in New York, where it was reported that America is back By Joe Biden It’s good news, not just for America, but for the world.

The prime minister made a reference to the Democrat six months after the United States said goodbye to former White House tenant Donald Trump. “Unfortunately, it was difficult to understand the relationship that we had with the Trump administration. For the President of the United States to say that the European Union is the enemy of the interests of the United States was a big mistakeSanchez noted during the TV show.

Instead, it celebrated some of the twists and turns of the Biden administration such as the return to the Paris climate agreement, and with it the return of the United States to the fight against climate change. “In the climate crisis we are facing globally, it is important that the United States participate in the fight.”

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Especially because, according to Sanchez, Europe already maintains a significant commitment to environmental transformation. In fact, he stressed it 40% of the European funds that Spain will receive in the next six years will be used for the ecological transformation of the countryWhile 28% will be reserved for digitization. The CEO explained that both items are closely related to the improvements that can be made from Spain to reduce climate change.

Suspicion of China

When asked about Spain’s position in the rivalry that Biden discovered during the G7 between China and the United States, Pedro Sanchez admitted that the US president “has a point” in his distrust of the Asian country. “For the Europeans, China is a competitor and competitor of democratic values. But it is true that dialogue must be maintained to face major challenges such as environmental transformation,” he explained.

In this section, the prime minister highlighted that one of the lessons left by the pandemic is the importance of digitization and cybersecurity, an area in which China leads the world. Therefore, Sanchez commented that one of the government’s goals is to become a leader in cybersecurity, a project for which about 600 million euros will be allocated.

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