Sanchez does not risk the amnesty vote: he orders all his deputies to spend the night in Madrid

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez intervenes during a government control session in the Chamber of Deputies. (Eduardo Parra/Europa Press)

The Socialist Workers Party gave the order to all its representatives in Congress to do so Stay in Madrid Thus ensuring that no one is late in voting on the amnesty law that… It will take place on Thursday morning. The request of the party led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is passed because members of Congress They do not return to their independent communities Hence ensuring what is considered the most important rule in this law.

This is what socialist sources reported Spain informationThey confirm that the request comes from the parliamentary group to prevent “any problem from occurring.” The same sources confirm that the vote There is no risk. If there are no surprises, the standard can be in Official State Gazette (BOE) on Friday or Saturday for its entry into force.

But every vote matters. The text was approved in Congress with 178 votes in favor and 172 votes against In the second vote on March 14. Now, that number is needed again, just two more votes than the minimum needed to achieve it Lifting the veto Imposed by the People's Party in the Senate on May 14 And final approval The rule, the text of which has not been moved since March, despite the veto.

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The investment bloc consists of the Socialists along with Somar, ERC, Junts, EH Bildu, PNV, Podemos, BNG and José Luis Albalos, who is currently in the mixed group, and if there is any withdrawal, the law could be repealed forever. .

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In this way, Congress will decide next Thursday whether or not to approve the basic law proposal on amnesty. Rule implementation faces The last regulatory step To obtain final approval and send the standard to the State Gazette (BOE) approximately half a year after it began processing on December 12.

Socialist sources also confirmed that voting would take place communicateSo they say the vote is “not in danger.” This means that everyone who honors you should do so Say out loud what your vote means. In fact, MPs have up to Two occasions To announce whether they are for or against the law. In this way they intend to avoid the issue of Alberto Casero, who in February 2022 voted against labor reform.

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Course It will start at 9 amAfter the oral questions and interrogations addressed by the deputies to the government in the observation session, as stipulated in the plenary procedures. First will be the mixed group, second will be PP, and finally Vox. Then the initiative promoted by the central executive will be discussed. A vote will then be taken on whether to lift the veto.

The amnesty law was one of the points Greater tension In national politics. Tackling this rule played a starring role in the Catalan campaign, and will once again dominate the European competition, as the People's Party will fight to abolish it in the European Parliament.

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