San Marcos: The University Council has canceled the entrance exam in medicine

San Marcos University: The applicant could not hide his indignation when he learned live that they had canceled the admission test. (Photo: Republic)

This Monday, March 21, the University Council deliberated about Annulment of the entrance examination in San Marcos And decided to agree to cancel the test in the specialty of medicine.

According to journalist Carlos Contreras of La República newspaper, despite the fact that Ramón admitted that he gave his opinion by declaring the entrance exam invalid, nevertheless, when it was his turn to decide, he voted to postpone the process. .

With the approval of six votes, the university council canceled the entrance exam for the medical specialty. The journalist said on his Twitter account.

In other data, Jerry RamonHe will wait for the results of his investigations Public Prosecution About nomination for entrance examination 2022-2.

“Their names will be revealed publicly and they will not be allowed into any public university,” Emphasize the authority of this house for undergraduate studies. Let’s remember that something similar happened in 1977, when the entrance exam was also canceled due to corruption in the process.

As is known, last Saturday, the president of the university announced the decision to cancel the test and with a word at hand they confirmed that they would reach the last time.

You have to be brave to make this decision. I know there will be a lot of questioning, but the image of San Marcos cannot continue to be violated. I want to make it clear that if this happened before, it will not happen again. This is the result of previous years. We broke the record for how scores are given and notes are similar, and today more than ever corruption has to come out of San Marcos.” He said.

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“If it is discovered that a student has bought the test, those students will be corrupted forever and will never be able to enter the university,” he added.

When is the new UNMSM entrance exam?

During the council meeting, it was decided to re-examine The Universidad Mayor de San Marcos will be on April 2nd and all security measures will be taken to prevent further leaks.

“On April 2, the engineering exam must be passed and everyone who is still pending (…) the College of Medicine will also be included. The College of Engineering and Medicine goes exclusively,” University President Jerry Ramon noted.

“We’re going to ask the Navy, we’re going to ask Denny (Directorate of National Intelligence), we’re going to ask all the agencies to take all the security measures that day, but we’ve got to end this,” he said. narrowed

Ramon also called on the student community to continue participating in the admissions process so that they would not lose the opportunity to continue studying.

“When I talked to them, I asked them to go into the testing process, another comes when the exam is over and escorts him to the ward where the test destination should go to accompany the person doing the audio replay and then check the number, because at that moment they can do that to us.

The thing that applicants will not be able to do is enter using a mobile device, such as tablets, cell phones, laptops, USB devices, etc.

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