San Juan Bautista Hospital illustrates the health status of Jacqueline-Anxist

This morning the allegation of relatives of Jacqueline, a 27-year-old woman who has been admitted to San Juan Bautista Hospital since January 22, has spread on social media.

In an extensive post on Facebook, her aunt denounced that “for long periods her vital signs are not monitored, even though she suffers from severe seizures,” and thus her “condition has greatly worsened.” Jacqueline awoke from a coma on January 18 after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest and a stroke.

Faced with this claim, San Juan Bautista Hospital released a statement clarifying Jacqueline’s clinical case:

“ San Juan Bautista Hospital among the regions reported that a patient obtained from a regional maternity hospital, admitted on Friday, January 22nd, appears as a result of resuscitation of cardiac arrest, neurological symptoms and convulsive picture (hypoxic / hypoxic encephalopathy), with Good development so far.
Since it is stable, today it was decided to move to medical clinic training, in the context of clinical, neurological, kinesiology and speech therapy.
On the day of her hospitalization, upon her reception in the ward, the corresponding evaluation was made, and from there, the medical team consisting of doctors, neurologists and therapists followed, who, according to the photo, who decided to enter the hospital in medical emergencies in order to perform supplementary studies and medical and nursing monitoring at same time ; It is waiting according to its development to pass into a common room, which can only be achieved today. “

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