Sample of BANFF Mountain Film Festival arrives in several cities

“It is a festival that brings together adventurers and important productions about activities related to the mountain theme, but is slowly opening up to other types of experiences. They place great importance on everything related to mountain culture and sports in nature. Through cinema, we connect different countries. Frida Ayala said, The festival represented in its Venezuelan version, where it arrived two decades ago, “today we are a fairly large network.”

Ayala, the widow of a star mountaineer, recalled how this itinerant cinematic encounter, originating on Canadian soil nearly 50 years ago, stormed Caracas with the landscape of Banff National Park as a backdrop.

It is a very prestigious festival, it visits more than 550 cities in the world. And 20 years ago, we brought him to Venezuela and he’s my husband, Jose Antonio Delgado, who was an important mountaineer who climbed Everest with Project Comber. He died in 2006 while climbing Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, another 8,000-meter-high mountain.”

In 2002, he went to climb the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, and found a poster for the festival in the city of Huarás. He told me about it, and suggested I go to Banff to see or bring the festival. And I, who was accompanied by two young children, dreamed of a honeymoon without children, but he decided to bring the festival to Venezuela. ”

Having managed to become the host (presenter) of the festival, she took on the task of expanding it. Today he is also part of the team that selects which products are showcased around the world after the 10-day meeting in Canada at the end of October and beginning of November concludes.

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“From 2003 we started introducing the festival; it was growing and forming important alliances. So today, my daughter and I are part of the team that translates films for the Spanish tour. Today I am also part of the selection committee for the world tour. After that first opportunity, we strengthened relationships and something Little by little, the relationship grew, which today becomes a very beautiful community, and we have maintained it for 20 years,” Ayala said.

The BANFF Mountain Film Festival held two previous editions roughly in Venezuela, and now this method extends to other latitudes.

“They gave us the privilege to perform in South Florida (Miami, Doral, Weston), in Houston and Panama, because they are places where there are many Venezuelans. We realized that many of the people who had seen the festival were no longer in Venezuela and they allowed me to add these cities in the United States, Which is going well for us, and will be head-to-head places in the coming years.”


Similarly, Ayala noted that the festival, in addition to revealing the exploits of these athletes that often go unnoticed, also shows human strength, connecting and inspiring through the stories told by the films.

“This festival has the virtue of, on the one hand, showing and being, in a way, a playground for adventure athletes, who usually do not have the space to show their achievements because they represent more individual activities, or without an audience. On the one hand, it reveals human potential by doing activities Perhaps there is no recognition in them that goes beyond the personal achievement of realizing a dream,” he explained.

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“It is an opportunity to show us the things that a human being can do beyond their physical limits and how to overcome them. It is an extraordinary inspiration that allows us to break out of our inner city routine and see window experiences that inspire and sometimes confront us with our reality.”


The festival, in its diversity and content, offers a program that delights any audience beyond the world of sports.

“It is a festival for everyone, who can see it from children to grandparents. Of course, athletes appreciate it in its dimensions, but the general public find life stories inspiring.”

“It is very diverse, it has very short videos, it is a bit longer. The idea is that people walk in different situations, they have rock climbing, mountain sports, basic jumping, skiing, paddle (Rowing), a bicycle.”

From the programming, highlight some of the stories like a story dedicated to pets or a Norwegian production showing the North Pole.

“It’s documentaries, complex stories like getting out of the North, exploring the North Pole, which lasts 50 minutes, or maybe there’s a kid doing ski maneuvers, and we have other cyclists who go with their dogs. That’s so cute because it honors the lucky enough dogs. To have owners who take her for nature walks.”

The fiber and perseverance of women in sport finds a place in this festival, in the film always higher (always higher) or in Action Direct (direct verb).

“There are very different themes. There is the topic of women in sports which is important today. There is a movie that I loved, and it is about a Canadian Olympic diver who is a mother of three and has won many medals, but is obsessed with making jumps higher and higher and in inhospitable places.”

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“There is Action Direct, a movie about a French girl who competes in artificial wall climbing, wall climbing and she always comes second, she never wins. She insists on making a legendary climbing route that no woman has ever done. It takes him many years to achieve it. In In fact, he is giving up competitions for his passion for making a road on natural rocks and all that insistence.

Another one is to recommend it Follow the light, follow the lightin Cappadocia, where the aesthetic stands out, with great shots between hot air balloons and a bicycle.

Among the selection, it also stands out If you give the beach a bottlea production that addresses an issue worrying environmentalists: dumping trash in the oceans.

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