Salvadorans are looking for jobs in Canada

The Department of Labor and Social Welfare has opened a new call under the Labor Migration Program, through which Salvadorans will be able to work for meat companies in Canada.


More Salvadorans are seeking work in Canada. In a new call opened by the Department of Labor and Social Welfare, data was received from hundreds of people interested in being qualified and approved by the North American country’s meat company.

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Those who arrived on Tuesday (06.29.2022) and met the requirements in future teams will be sent to Canada.

One of the main requirements is to have knowledge of the area, a basic proficiency in English and have not been migrated.

If selected, they must work for two years in Canada, with the right to leave after the end of the first year. However, a return to El Salvador must be guaranteed.

According to the Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, in the next group that will be sent to Canada, there will be between 250 and 300 people, “I want to make it clear that this squad is not with the people who presented themselves that day, they will,” he said at a press conference.

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Under the immigration program, El Salvador has already sent 44 units to the United States and Canada so far, and the first batch is scheduled to be sent to Italy.

More opportunities abroad

The official explained that during his tour of Europe he had great results, “we were able to sign agreements with Italy and soon we will sign with Spain.”

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He said that they also hope in a short time to conclude agreements with Germany, so that Salvadorans can travel legally to work in that country.

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