Salmantino will fight in Scotland for the WBO Championship – El Sol de Salamanca

In full preparation to fight for the WBO Championship, Guanajuato boxer of Salamanca descent will face Jose Antonio “El Wero” Delgado Velasquez who will take on Dean Sutherland.

The fight between 23-year-old Salamanca boxer Jose Antonio “El Wero Velasquez” and 22-year-old Dean Sutherland will take place on Saturday, July 31 in the heavyweight division.

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In this regard, Antonio “El Wero” Velázquez comments: “The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds of the WBO World Championship, we are slipping in the division, we have been preparing for a month, we have raised our rating all over the world thanks to this, we have been given the opportunity of international standing These, we will make Salamanca’s name heard.”

Regarding his opponent, he commented: “It will be a very difficult battle, he has an outstanding left-wing player, however, there is our desire to excel, we were looking for an international battle and there is a result.”

He added, “After this fight more will definitely come at the international level, preparations are going well and with everything to fight (zic)”.

The boxer will travel from Salamanca to Scotland with promoter Mata Martinez and Jose Rodriguez.

According to the English boxer’s professional fighting record, he is undefeated with ten fights he won at the professional level, and two of them are won by knockout.

Among the competitors he faced was a boxer from Lithuania, one from Italy, and the rest were English.

For his part, the boxer Salamanca in his professional sports record played ten matches in which he won nine, two of which were by knockout and fell once by knockout. All the fights of the Salamanca boxer were against the Mexicans, which is why this will be his first international fight.

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In his last fight in eight episodes by unanimous decision, he took his ninth win as a professional against Carlos “El Explosivo” Encinas, of Saúl lvarez boxing school.

Salamanca’s super welterweight victory occurred in front of the crowded gym “El Campeón” of boxing promoter Mata Martinez. On that occasion, the cards in his favour were as follows: the first judge 79 – 73, the second judge 80 – 72 and the three judge 79 – 73, thus declaring victory unanimously.

This fight was his third in the super welterweight class, and the division won it well; However, the extraordinary opportunity to fight in the UK for the WBO World Championship he had in the Welter Division, a fight dedicated to the entire municipality of Salamanca, his family and especially his sister who supported him in all fights and now from heaven accompanies him.

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