Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault are among the richest people in the UK

actress Salma Hayekwho we saw her acting for the first time recently, and her husband François-Henri Pinault They are in the list of 250 richest people in the UK.

The Times magazine was responsible for making the list of the richest people in England, with the heroine of The Eternals and her partner ranked 22 in the country headed by the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II.

Hayek’s husband is the president of Artemis, a group of luxury brands, including: Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. But François-Henri Pinault is also the owner of the French football club Stade Rennes, and he usually goes to matches accompanied by his wife, who also owns the Puma brand.

The group he heads also runs one of France’s most famous media, the weekly magazine “Le Point” and Europe’s most famous auction house, Christie’s. Like all millionaires in the world, he is also altruistic, having donated in 2019 100 million euros to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

According to the list of ‘The Times’, the married couple Hayek and Pinault have a fortune estimated at $8.89 million and will continue to rise as the Mexican actress will continue her theatrical career, at the moment it is known that she will be part of the cast of the third installment of ‘Magic Mike’, while her husband continues In front of Artemis, making millionaire sales.

On the other hand, it occupies the top 5 richest in the UK: Sir Leonard Blavatnikin the amount of $25 million; Simon Rubinfor $27.5 million; Sir James Dyson, for $28.7 million; s Gopi Hindujaat $35 million.

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Salma Hayek admitted last April that she thought about quitting acting when her daughter was born Valentina Paloma Pinault“My case was very special because I became a mother so late. I did it because I found my life partner, who had a stable career, but I really wanted this daughter so much that I don’t care about anything else. Neither my career nor anything, I think that He helped me a lot.”

Hayek continued, “I also felt like I had already done many things in my life, so it was really a different stage for me because I had already done things that I was already very proud of.”

In addition, she said that it was her husband who persuaded her not to give up her career, “François-Henri Pinault helped me a lot because I was ready to stop working, but when Valentina was a little over a year old, she told me that she had to go back to work because I I might miss my profession at some point, because it’s also a profession that celebrates because it allows me to unleash my creativity, and because I’m an artist.”

The actress recalled when the moment she returned to work, “After about three years of Valentina’s existence I began to act little by little and began to travel, but when she was seven years old, she sought to have her own rhythm and your own space.”

Finally, he noted, “In my case, even though I’ve been able to carry on acting and have been able to keep my career alive and I adore it, it’s not easy on any given day, there are times when decisions get complicated. It’s a fact that family always comes along. In the foreground “.

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