Salary Increase, Fragmented IFE and Earnings: Debut ‘Operation Pocket’

behind the New ministers take over the cabinet change, the government will seek to re-launch economic management with Pocket Measurements who – which It began to form after the defeat in PASO Which was postponed due to tensions in the whole front last week.

Ads scheduled from Tuesday, as I advanced Alberto Fernandez to the referees who had lunch with him on Saturday. for spring day salary board which seeks to recalculate the 35% increase in the minimum living and mobile salary in force in Egypt Average 45% of updated parity, plus two or three points. In this way, they hope that the axiom that salaries and related benefits will win over the company will be realized. Inflasin.

Alberto Fernandez changes the Cabinet, supports the idea of ​​​​”relaunching” the government, but rejects the “amendment” proposal made by Cristina Kirchner

On the other hand, the government strives for progress Height from non-taxable minimum profit floor From the current 150,000 dollars 175,000 dollars, a measure outlined last week but had to wait for the political waters to calm down. The Getting off the ground seeks to accompany the general inflation So that the tax is on workers of the fourth category Never lose again after salary rearrange.

This year’s promise was that wages must beat inflation

The purchasing power of social plans decreased by 23% in two years

The main track “improving the situation of the people” after the November elections, as Representative Maximo Kirchnerbe the Return of aid to weak and informal sectors, a kind of focus on the return emergency household income (IF) launched by the government during the pandemic.

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The Economy and Elections: How Consumption Evolves Through November

While the most financial wing of the government depends on Analysis by former Deputy Minister of Economy Emmanuel Lavarez Agis to make sure that There was no modification and surely Reserves at their worst, complicating the expansion, accounting strategy Freeing up resources from the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights.

The keys to the SDR: More campaign financing, reduced deficits and payments to the IMF

Retired Bonus

before step, Guzmin confirmed that pensions have recovered what he lost, referring to the rewards for the minimum, which eluded the rest of the benefits. The support package also includes Bonus from Anses for helping retired and retired people.

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