“Sainz rejects US Wetland Act for extraction service”

Last Friday, Daniela Blanes appeared on the “Politics in Discussion” program presented by journalist Mabel Corrales, which is broadcast by Channel 10.

When asked about the left’s position regarding the Salta governor’s rejection of the wetland bill, reference PTS-FITU noted that “we suggest that Sainz should be the spokesman for the mining companies; he decided to make statements at least from the United States, where he traveled in a delegation of northern governors and leaders Todos front like Wado de Pedro.”

The Wetlands Act came to Congress after a year of struggle by the environmental movement along with social and leftist organizations. From FITU they accompany the project on the streets and in Congress with Nicolás del Caño, Miriam Bregman, Alejandro Filca and Romina del Pla.

In this context, Blanes noted, “In our county, in the House of Representatives from Saencismo, Romerismo, UCR and Frente de Todos, everyone voted unanimously against the Wetland Act, but we’ve also seen that in the National Congress where the committee that was going to meet on Thursday has lifted.” Note that in terms of the tire dispute, we’ve seen something similar these days. Businessmen with traditional parties, from the right to Massa del Frente de Todos, attack tire workers who have managed to twist the arm of their employers.”

In the face of the economic, social and environmental crisis, political projects are put up for discussion, and the way out that each one proposes. Then there are the traditional parties that respond to the IMF, and the dollars that the IMF pays to them are known to be more important than our natural resources like the wetlands of which the salt flats are a part. As well as attacking the working class until the amendment passes. On the left front, we are always on the same side, side by side with the workers and in defense of the environment, on the front line accompanying the Wetlands Act and the tire workers who have shown that it is worth fighting, and that it is necessary to touch the interests of the capitalists to wrest our rights.”

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In the case of Salta, “If we take the past ten years, agricultural frontiers have expanded, more than 700,000 hectares of indigenous forests have been cleared, and mining has grown. In addition, 150 families have acquired 62% of the productive land, and the titles of the families we know as Olmedo , Romero and Ortope.While poverty levels are growing and much more in those areas, the royalties left by companies are only 3%.It is a big scam that is stealing millions of dollars and we haven’t seen any deputy from the traditional parties raise it.

Finally, Planes argued that “to defend our natural resources, we have to mobilize because, as we have seen this week, they are not going to do us any good. We have to unite with the workers, the strong women’s movement, and the youth of the environmental movement to win.”

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