Sacyr iChallenges raises international innovative agent participation to 40%

The sixth version of the program Sacyr iChallenges has confirmed that there is a file The international projection of this open innovation program.

the International participation has grown by nearly 40%, proposals from more than 30 countries.

In addition to Spain, in terms of the volume of registered proposals, the following stand out: USA, Canada, Israel, Finland, UK or South Korea. Sacyr iChallenges has strengthened its presence in English speaking countriesThat represented 27% of the proposals in this edition.

This year’s edition has completed the stage of receiving the proposal in total to 205 solutions to the company’s three challenges.

On the other hand, this year The number of innovative agents with more than 10 years of experience has increased by more than 40%. A number that shows the growth of the innovative ecosystem in recent years and the acceptance of a program focused on discovery, testing and certification of cutting-edge solutions developed by companies, which are increasingly enhanced and able to offer more robust solutions to the group’s business.

Martha GaleAnd Sacyr’s General Manager of Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, highlights the increase in the quality of offerings: “It is very positive to maintain a level of engagement similar to that of recent releases in response to more technical challenges, which require more specific solutions tailored to the needs of business teams. Once again, We admire the enormous talent and diversity of technological proposals that we find in the innovative international community.

“Thanks to the internal teams involved in the program, we continue to make progress in implementing pilot projects, as well as working to scale up successful projects for greater impact. We are convinced that this is the key to achieving more efficient and sustainable infrastructures, and we are proud to be able to lead this process with the support of our members.” The innovative ecosystem ”, explains Marta Gil.

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Sacyr iChallenges is one of the pillars Sacyr’s innovation and transformation strategy.

Through this open innovation program, Sacyr is looking for fellow travelers to promote with Sustainable solutions that help improve the quality of life of citizens through better infrastructure and services.

Three sustainable challenges

The sixth edition of the Sacyr iChallenges once again focuses on promoting sustainability, a key pillar of the Sacyr Sustainable Action Plan 2021-2025. The program raises three challenges that respond to the different needs of its fields of work:

  • Adapting linear infrastructures to new transportation models. How to build, adapt and operate safer, more attractive and equipped roads for sustainable and connected mobility?
  • New solutions for detecting and monitoring pollutants in water treatment plants. How can the detection and monitoring of priority and emerging pollutants in water treatment plants be improved?
  • Innovative solutions to predict project design parameters: geotechnical campaigns, topography, bathymetry, and object detection. How to automatically obtain accurate and reliable information in the early stages of a project to design and build more efficiently and reduce impact?

Key dates and selection criteria

Once the deadline for receiving proposals has passed, a committee made up of professionals and experts from Sacyr’s business areas, along with Sacyr’s Corporate Innovation team, is formed. I accompanied herA, will analyze All proposals have been received.

It will be the next stop Focus Week, a meeting in which the feasibility of the solutions chosen is analyzed in meetings between agents Selected innovators and business experts.

Then I will walk Will announce the selected proposals, who will work alongside each other in mixed teams made up of business experts from Sacyr and external agents to further develop their solutions.

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Finally, in Sayer Innovation Summitthe event to be held in October at the company’s headquarters in Madrid, the selected innovative agents will participate in face-to-face sessions to identify pilot projects with Sacyr experts and will present their projects to the company’s senior management.

in addition to, Sayre Foundation will admit, under the 13th Release Sayer Innovation AwardsSome solutions offered at Sacyr iChallenges.

Sacyr iChallenges, a benchmark in the innovation ecosystem

Over the past six years, the program has accumulated a total 1500 widths Innovative agents from all regions of the world. Technological solutions that addressed the challenges in all the group’s activities.

In the six years of the program, More than 20 pilot projects have been implemented successfully.

More info at this link.

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