Ryan Murphy outdoes himself on Netflix: ‘Vigilante’ has already removed ‘Dahmer’

cost, but Ryan Murphy’s development deal with Netflix is ​​already paying off Really mature. Despite the continued efforts of the American creative production company, titles such as “Ratched”, “The Politician”, “Hollywood” or “Halston” did not achieve the desired effect, as none of these fictional stories managed to infiltrate the most watched films . Historic platform. however, “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” broke that apparent disappointment, and was already positioned as the second best English-language premiere for the company. After being restricted for several days as the most viewed. specific, In countries like the United States, three weeks were at the top Uninterrupted… yet.

After 21 days of being the most popular series on Netflix, “Dahmer” has been phased out in regions like the United States. however, Ironically, this fall is good news for Murphy and his teamsince production toppled “Vigilante”, originally known as “The Watcher”. The series, starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale, launched on Friday, October 14.And it didn’t take long to make an immediate impact, though leadership continues in countries like Spain’s Dahmer.

Naomi Watts in the movie Watchman

Naomi Watts in the movie Watchman

If there is no specific data from Netflix, which It will be delivered next Wednesday When the global top ten is updated for this week, the “Vigilante” attack represents a change of perception regarding the deal between Murphy and the Service. In fact, This is the milestone that even Ryan Murphy Productions wanted to celebrate on his Instagram account: “That moment when your new series replaces your other series as number one in the United States.”

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real estate horror

Like Dahmer, the movie Vigilante builds its horrific story on real events. The two fictional heroes are Nora and Dean Brannock, A married couple moves into an idyllic neighborhood after investing all their savings into their dream home. Once they settled in this new home, they started to figure it out The neighborhood around them is much stranger and more threatening than they thoughtas evidenced by the uncomfortable attitude of neighbors who do not stop interfering, turning their change of residence into a real hell.

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