Russia reopens Nord Stream 1 for turbine repair

pumping gas through the Nord Stream gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany under the Baltic Sea, It will resume when the turbine is repaired Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said today that Siemens Energy under the “contractual work” it must perform. Flow will resume “as soon as the problem is resolved in accordance with the contractual obligation to repair the turbine”, where Oil leakage during maintenance workThe politician said on the sidelines of the Seventh Eastern Economic Forum, which began today in Vladivostok, according to the official TASS news agency.

Russia insists that Siemens Energy should be the company that repairs the turbines of the Portovaya compressor station, in the Leningrad region, and is the only one still operating, since then It can only be repaired in a specialized workshop, such as those in Canada from the German company. Another turbine that failed there had already been repaired, but although Ottawa agreed to take it back via Germany as the engine An exception to Western sanctions imposed on Russia for its military intervention in Ukrainehas not yet returned to Portovaya because Moscow requires a certificate that the device is not affected by the restrictions.

Siemens said the oil spill was not a technical reason to shut down the gas pipeline, as Gazprom did last Friday. Where the problem can be closed ‘on siteIn addition, he confirmed, there are other turbines available, and Gazprom insisted the day before. There will be a risk of explosion or fire At the Portovaya compressor station if the gas supply is resumed via Nord Stream. He said on his Telegram channel that the operation of this compressor unit without correcting the detected defects creates a risk of fire or explosion, which affects the industrial safety of the entire plant.

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Gazprom claimed that temperatures on the surface of a gas turbine compressor where cable connections pass can reach 300 degrees. The Kremlin and Gazprom stressed that sanctions are causing the problems at the compressor station, since there are no spare parts in the event of a turbine failure and repaired parts cannot be returned to Russia due to Western restrictions. In this regard, Moscow insisted that in these circumstances Gas pipeline problems will continue to happenOoy, given what happened with the turbines that were repaired in Canada, the damaged engine cannot now be fixed if the penalties are not lifted.

“We cannot say how the repair work will be carried out because Sanctions prevent him”, the Kremlin spokesperson repeated today in Vladivostok to the Russian media, according to Interfax. Gazprom has repeatedly emphasized its reliability as a guarantor of energy security on the European continent and even in a broader context, but Sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada“They have rendered the component maintenance system and the turbine assembly that provides pumping inoperable,” he repeated. “How will things unfold? Technologically, it might be better to ask Gazprom a question,” Peskov said.

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