Russia defended itself against criticism and asked to reflect on the “suffering” of the separatist regions

A representative of Vladimir Putin’s government dismissed US criticism and blamed the Ukrainian government for the situation.

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In the context of the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, The representative of Vladimir Putin’s government defended himself against the criticism and justified the measures taken To ensure the status of the communities of the breakaway regions.

representative of the Russian Federation, Vasily Nebenziastressed that his government tried in recent days to explain the logic of intervention in the region and its proposal to ensure peace, despite the fact that the Ukrainian government did not accept it.

In this sense, he criticized the Ukrainian government and spoke of provocations against the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, which declared their intention to secede from the Ukrainian. According to the diplomatic representative, a qualitative hint is encouraging that with military support from NATO a solution will be found in the conflict zone.

He said there were 2,000 ceasefire violations and 500 bombings. “It is not surprising that the suffering of the people of Donetsk does not attract the attention of Western powers”He said.

Faced with the accusation of violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, he asked to reflect on equal rights and the principle of self-determination of peoples. He said the Ukrainian government did not represent the interests of those communities.

The diplomat emphasized that the political conflict began after the crisis with the Crimea region, noting that there is a “political game to weaken Russia.” She attacked the Ukrainian state by describing those who want independence as mere pro-Russian terrorists. “The current situation is the responsibility of Ukraine, which has always broken its commitments.”

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Although he admitted that he was not aware of the military operation in the Donbass, he emphasized that Russia’s intention was not to occupy Ukraine, and if, in any case, the protection of the communities of those lands to choose freely.

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