Rupert Grint. “Sick Note”, the series that re-launched the actor

If something pottery Learn during fan time that birthday Rupert Grint It’s August, many fans have a special affection for him because of his role in Epic Harry Potter That is why it is so important to keep your birthday in mind.

Despite the success of the saga at the box office, it was somewhat counterproductive for the actors who came to the set of the first film as children, because sometimes being labeled for many years in the same character can affect their performance in other projects.

It seems that this fate is the fate of a translator rune In the most famous epic of cinematic magic, where his companions, Daniel and Emma, ​​were able to get more diverse roles in addition to the role that they have been alive for years.

The actor was able to star in more local British films which unfortunately were not successful globally, but his next big role was thanks to the Netflix series titled ‘satisfactory noteBy name in Spanish like Sick note: Sick leave. Together with the actor, the series starred Nick Frost, Don Johnson and the unforgettable Lindsay Lohan.

The series was released in 2017 and introduces us to the story of Daniel Glass, a compulsive liar, who is trapped in a failed relationship and dead-end job., where he was under the control of his irrepressible boss Kenny West (Don Johnson). And just when things didn’t go wrong, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. However, everyone begins to treat him better because of his diagnosis, and suddenly Daniel discovers that he has a new desire to live.

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But then he discovers he’s been misdiagnosed by the most helpless oncologist on earth, Dr. Ian Glennis (Nick Frost) and then… Daniel has to make an important decision: clarify the matter and return to his old life in the trash, or keep this new information a secret. He decides to pretend to be sick, but very quickly the lie gets out of control and both Daniel and Dr. Glennis have to spend their entire waking lives trying to prevent the truth from emerging.

Fans left enthusiastic reviews praising the show’s fun and satirical inclinations. Watch a lot of both seasons on Netflix. Some even called it one of the funniest shows they’ve seen in a long time. Lots of alcohol and belly laughs were reported, but the network decided not to order a third season.

The series helped the actor a lot to put himself on the star chart again, but unfortunately like many popular streaming platform series and production company, it was canceled, Only allow access to his second season. We hope to see more of Robert’s projects to continue learning about his comedic side.


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