Running in the lane: Pau Kapil and doping in Kenya: ‘We can’t put all runners in the same bag’

Bao Capel from the United States, from California, attends the development of the launch of his first book “Lluita pel que vols i estima el que tens” (“Fight for what you want and love what you have”), a personal retrospective, in which her sports life is the focus of much of his chapters.

The The Catalan runner took advantage of the spread of the Covid pandemic, and his time at home, to collect some of the experiences that “marked” him, In the writer’s face, he also admits in Ingredus, the running, mountain and adventure program of Radio MarcaHe has been fond of her since he was little. confess in radio interviewwho just released a series of interviews on the Twitch channel called CONEXIN INGRAVIDA, in which Pau Capell was her third guest after Daniel Osanz and Sara Alonso.

Capel, who has already finished the sporting season after overcoming some knee problems after Salomon Ultra Pirino, He concludes his publication after nearly two years of experiences that “have good times and bad times, because you learn from everything.”

in this way, The Catalan, one of the world’s best long-distance runners, tackles his idyllic style with the Mont Blanc Ultra Trailwho won his race in 2019. His attempt to get under 20 hours per cent miles in the Alps and even its withdrawal in 2022, in which he analyzes how he was a “newbie”.

“I made a beginner’s mistake, I didn’t eat, and I didn’t hydrate well, but the strategy was right. He knew he would lose 20 hours and more with Killian By Journet, Ultimate Champion-“.

The athlete from The North Face is also appreciated in the interview in ingravidos the Prevalence of positives among Kenyan runners, Just while the athletes in this country descend on the trail running. “We can’t put all Kenyan runners in the same bag. It’s unfair.”He adds and hopes that the medalists at the last mountain running world championships in Thailand will not have to return their medals due to a new scandal. He says regarding Morcian’s bronze medal for Lex Garcia, “I hope it’s not like that, I feel bad for Lex, but I hope it’s not gold, because that means they were clean. That would be normal.” of the two African corridors.

Kapil also highlighted it Today’s Track World Cup in UTMBand that the way to change it lies in the recognition and prestige accorded to runners who participate in one world event or another.

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